Mythbusters Finale: A Peek Behind the Scenes and Celebrities Saying Farewell

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Mythbusters finale

Celebrities have aired?their messages and goodbyes for the Discovery Channel show, Mythbusters Finale, when the show reached its season finale. After 14 years of revealing how bits and pieces work (and if they really do work), the show finally had its final curtain call. According to the Nerdist, the show, which actually helped enlighten a lot of questions about myths in a scientific yet cool way (who else gets to blow up stuff like they do?), has made a good run on television with more than 260 episodes during its reign.

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson in his video message ?I can?t even fathom, a world without Mythbusters, you know why? Because you help bring civilization to the state of rational thought.? Some of the celebrities who expressed their congratulatory message include actress Felicia Day, CMDR Chris Hadfield, author Mary Roach, TV host Chris Hardwick and Food Network host and chef Alton Brown.

Filmmaker James Cameron also had a message saying ?I?m heartbroken that you?re going off-air. I always look forward to Mythbusters and watch with my kids. A whole generation has grown up with this show… I think, critical thinking is a very very important thing that you?ve taught to an entire generation.?

Actress Lucy Lawless also made a funny comment about the Mythbusters finale, but that really how it goes. After 14 long years, the era of busting and confirming myths is finally going down.

Mythbusters are hosted by Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, with co-hosts Tory Belleci, Grant Imahara and Kari Byron. It has featured at least 3,000 experiments from its original 260 episodes and during their shows, around 1,100 myths were tried.

For the final episode of the show, Mythbusters will be showcasing four massive explosions, featuring 50,000 frames per second. Fanatics and geeks alike will truly feel the impending close of the TV show. The series finale of the Mythbusters was featured on the Discovery Channel on March 5. You can also view the final episode here.


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