MythBusters Cancelled: Look Back At Their Most Unforgettable Experiments Before The Final Season

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After debunking hundreds of myths, Discovery Channel?s MythBusters will soon cease to be as the channel confirmed that reality series will come to an end in 2016. MythBusters will still release a 14th and final season slated to premiere on January 9, 2016 before bowing down.

MythBusters Cancelled

?After 248 episodes, 2950 experiments, 1050 myths, and 900 explosions, hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman will say goodbye to the series this winter,? the Discovery Channel confirmed in a statement.?While waiting for their highly prepared final season, we have compiled five of the most memorable experiments that MythBusters have tried:

Hot Chili Cures

This practical and funny experiment was made to test the various remedies for hot chili peppers. The cures they used for the experiment are water, beer, spirits, gel toothpaste, petroleum jelly and wasabi paste. Using milk as a neutralizer for their experiment, the team tried to withstand the pain of tasting jalapeno blends and habanero pastes. They concluded that the only hot chili pepper cure that works is milk.

Christmas Myths

Who could forget the episode where they tried to keep a Christmas tree fresh and green? They tried numerous products for this experiment, including fertilizer, pain-reliever, and lemon-lime soda?however, only those that truly worked were bleach, hairspray, and Viagra.

Making An Earwax Candle

Among the grossest experiments they tried, the Mythbusters team tried to recreate the earwax candle that they saw on the movie Shrek. They went to a local ear, nose, and throat doctor to get earwax collected from hundreds of patients. The team successfully formed the wax into candle form; however, they failed in making it light-up.

Escape a Sinking Car

Probably one of the most dangerous experiments on the show, they re-tested their underwater car myth. In this episode, they tried to escape a sinking car using different circumstances?from escaping through the window to simply opening the car door as soon as the car is completely submerged in water.

Star Wars Special

Using a caliper, mathematical equations, and watching all six Star Wars films, Mythbusters revealed that laser blasters was a dud. Moving significantly slower than real guns, laser blasters, according to the series, only move at a speed of 130mph to 135mph at a distance of 40ft. Despite this, they said that it is impossible for people to dodge laser blasters.

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