Mystery Poland CD Message Revealed? Thousands Try To Solve The Creepy Disturbing Video Puzzle

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The internet is uniting again to solve a creepy disturbing video which a man named Johnny Krahbichler received in a mail from Poland. It seems that the creepy Poland CD has more to it than just an aspiring viral video that wants to be famous via shares online with its jump-scare.

Many have extracted the sound to?meticulously understand the different Morse codes it hides. Decoders say that the video might be about death. It might be about torture. It might also just be a marketing ploy.

Creepy Poland CD

According to Yahoo News, a Reddit user has placed the audio on a spectrogram and he claimed the words ?YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD? was uncoded. Some decoders claimed that they found pictures of a woman being tortured, Business Insider?reported. Coordinates of the white house was also found and some claim the code reads ?Kill The President?.


According to Krahbichler, he wasn?t the only recipient of the CD from Poland as the envelop which contained the CD had several stamps. It was also directly addressed to him rather than just his blog named Gadgetzz.

The YouTube video titled … 01101101 01110101 01100101 01110010 01110100 01100101 which means ?Muerte? or death now has over 300,000 views. The disturbing?video only picked steam recently since it was uploaded on May 9, 2015.

According to Nationalpost, another person who received the creepy video was a certain Daniel from Spain. Daniel said she received a DVD copy of the video while she was sitting on a bench at a park. Krahbichler also said on Gadgetzz that the original post of the video was posted on a 4chan forum in May and the poster of the video said he/she also found it while sitting on a?park bench.

Marketing Ploy?

With all the weird sounds coming from the video with feels like something from an Illuminati, a user said it might just be a marketing ploy of Skrillex. Here?s what the user said as posted by Krabichler:

?Skrillex is an electro DJ known for his references and taste for illuminati and satanic issues. He has a very known song/video called ?Red Lips? that came out in May, 2015? Other electro DJs like Aphex Twin had before put hidden images in the spectrogram, like in the music video WindowLicker.?

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