Mysterious Donator Gives Out Thousands of Dollars to Twitch Streamers

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There are a lot of Twitch streamers out there either providing commentary for games or just streaming their games for other people to watch and learn from. Throughout the past year or so, a largely anonymous person who simply goes by the name ?Amhai? has been donating large sums of money to Twitch streamers. A report states that the lump sums go for as high $50,000.

Amhai seems to be a very generous guy and he has reportedly shelled out more than $100,000 in donations for his better liked players through the game streaming platform. Earlier in the year, Amhai started off with smaller amounts ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 but then moved on to larger sums in the tens of thousands category. There are rumors going around that Amhai is an oil tycoon from Dubai and players like World of Warcraft arena champion Isaac ?Azael? Cummings-Bentley have mentioned that Amhai has given him more than $30,000 in donations while his friend Chance ?Sodapoppin? Morris has received $50,000.

When people saw that Sodapoppin got $10,000, it just went uphill from there. It seems like Amhai likes to run ?tests? for streamers before bumping up the amounts of donations. He?d start off with smaller sums while trying to gauge their reactions. Streamers who are more appreciative would be more likely to get a succeeding donation with bigger amounts. Cummings-Bentley mentioned that: ?If he thought they were funny, or touching, he’d want to give more?.

The most recent beneficiary of Amhai has been Lea ?LegendaryLea? May who mainly streams Blizzard?s Hearthstone game. To date, Amhai has given LegendaryLea $22,000. Amhai remains mainly anonymous and among all of the beneficiaries from him, only a few streamers have had direct contact with him. Amhai seems like he wants to keep his identity a secret and Cummings-Bentley has denied the rumors that he is an oil tycoon from Dubai. Cummings-Bentley mentioned: ?I don’t think he really wants anything said about him. He is just a very, very wealthy individual?.

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