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Before you continue on any further, chances are, if you didn’t like SFIV you won’t like Super SFIV.

It should be no secret that I am huge fighting game fan or that I like 99.9% of the games that Capcom publishes (yes that includes Dark Void). When news of exactly what additions were being made for the release of Super Street Fighter IV were announced I couldn’t help, but go crazy with excitement. So often we as gamers get so wrapped up in what developers and publishers say, but it’s important to pay attention to what they aren’t saying as well.

If you own/owned SFIV then you know exactly what you lost when you popped Super SFIV in for the 2nd or 3rd time (assuming you didn’t jump straight online like I did). Capcom failed to mention that they would be removing the gallery, time attack and survival modes with the release of Super SFIV. I feel so bad for people who traded in their copies of SFIV in at Gamestop. Super SFIV is really, REALLY geared towards online play. If you don’t play online you really aren’t going to get the most out of your money. It’s kind of sad that you need to buy SFIV and Super SFIV to get what I feel is the complete SFIV package. At least SFIV is a greatest hit now.

One very important reason you should have kept SFIV is for the Trials mode. The Trials in SFIV serve as an introduction to each character and really are where you should start when learning them. I’m a pretty good “technician” and some of the new more advanced Trials in Super SFIV are just plain ridiculous.

And then there are those who do stuff like this just for fun.

Super SFIV does have something that SFIV was missing and that’s a kick ass online mode. Words cannot describe the fun that can be had when playing the endless battle or team battle modes. Well, as long as people have mics. I get a kick out of talking about the matches as they are happening with friends and potential new friends. The replay channel is the bomb, but you can only save online matches. So your local matches will just be a memory I suppose. What’s cool about replays is you can rate them and rename them. At all times you will have a battle log where a certain number of replays are autosaved, but if there is one you really want you should save it to your HDD right away as they are always updated with your most recent matches. The advantages of storing your best matches on your HDD is that you can enter into your “My Channel” and invite friends in to watch your replays, all the while discussing them amongst yourselves. Lastly the blind character selection has been expanded to cover every online versus mode. :3

Bonus stages make their return in Super SFIV with added lulz. Work over the car with Cody or Guy and you’ll see that guy from Final Fight who cried after his car was destroyed. For some reason the barrel bonus stage kicks my ass so hard. I spend more time on the ground than actually smashing the barrels.

Often I hear people complain about the changes made to certain characters and it’s usually the people who don’t want to have to work as hard for wins. Since when does having a more balanced game and a level playing field such a bad thing? If your favorite character gets toned down a little bit does that mean the game is broken or are you just not as good as you thought you were? If you are so “bad ass” with someone and have that much skill then why should it matter? There is no reason why Player A can be half-ass and Player B has to be an expert technician who never messes up just to have a chance at winning. In my opinion the changes have made for a better overall experience. I don’t dread facing anyone because I know I have a good chance of winning if my skills are on point.

Ok now you know my take on SFIV and Super SFIV. I’m happy with both games mainly because I decided to keep SFIV and not sell it. Having a collector’s mentality came in handy this time. I do feel like I got taken for a bit of my money considering I bought all Alternate 1 costumes at full price. Especially now that you can get all 25 of them for $6.49 vs the $25 I paid. I’ll definitely wait until all of the Alternate 2 costumes are out this time and just purchase the bundle.

Challenge me online! PSN ID: sNsKid
BTW I use the Sega Saturn USB controller for SSFIV and not a stick.

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