My Life as a Roadie: Brutal Legend Demo Preview

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Brutal Legend

Fall officially started days ago.  Which means only one thing.  That the video game season is upon us.  It is in this season that not only are video games are plentiful, but  their demos as well.  One of the games that was on my personal list for VG season is Brutal Legend. I got a chance to play with the demo and was instantly excited about the prospects of this game.

The demo starts out telling you the basic story of Eddie Riggs who was a once a roadie to great heavy metal rock bands.  Life has change for Eddie as over the years those great heavy metal bands have come and go.  Now Eddie has to work as a roadie to bands who think they are heavy metal(Insert your favorite Emo band here).  The short of it is he gets blood into his belt and is instantly transported to a another world or dimension.   The game quickly thrust you into game play after the opening cinema. The belt has teleported you right into a demonic ritual site.   The disciples of this ritual are preying to a demonic  metal axe.  The likes of which you can’t help but pick up, even though you not suppose to.

The game is a third-person action-adventure set in world that is unique and vibrate in color. It also has driving and RTS as well, which is the only disappointing thing about this demo.  While the demo is long,  the demo doesn’t included having control of characters to do your bidding.  These sections were problem not included as to not turn people off to the game completely because of the RTS sections.  Every time they teach you a new weapon or game mechanic it cuts to a stylized screens of you and the weapon to convey how to use it.  It doesn’t interrupt the game play at all.  They do this because it would be hard to look at you move set while trying not to be killed by disciples.

Brutal Legend brings me back to a time when I first saw Heavy Metal the movie. I’m not talking the Heavy Metal 2000 that came out much later, when the amine style hadn’t slipped into my conscience yet.  When I didn’t know cartoons like Voltron and Space Battleship Yamato where made in Japan.  I think it is this basic art style that sparks something in me about this game.  Look forward to my full review of Brutal Legend in couple weeks.

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