My Kitchen Rules’ Jessica Reveals Contest Secrets? The Truth About The Show

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?My Kitchen Rules? said goodbye to another team as Jessica and Marcos bowed out of the cooking competition. However, before Jess bit the dust, she might have just revealed a little something for the audience to remember her by.

The truth of the matter is that the show could have given her more time to develop her food and turn into an outstanding plate. However, Jessica still decided to share her contest secret on making a delicious and healthy food on PopSugar after she and her teammate Marcos got eliminated from ?My Kitchen Rules.?


?In the morning, I wake up, I?ll have a glass of water with a tiny splash of skinny milk. I make my own gluten-free granola – sometimes I have almonds, coconut. If I?m feeling a little bit naughty I?ll throw 10 golden raisins in there as a little treat sometimes, maybe once or twice a week.?


?For lunch I usually eat 80 grams of poached chicken, and broccoli and carrots – everything?s just steamed with a little bit of lemon juice.?


?For dinner, I will avoid most heavy things, obviously. I?ll have protein, whether it?s raw or tuna, or some kind of sashimi. Salad, mainly! I love a Vietnamese salad with really fresh flavours like lime, a little bit of white wine vinegar. I always have a salad for dinner whether it?s beef or something lean like turkey breast, or chicken. Grilled fish is always a winner. So it?s salad or protein.?

According to Pedestrian, the unfortunate elimination of Jessica and Marcos was somehow a letdown to a number of fans, but Jessica explained the reason behind the disappointing dishes saying that her grandmother had passed away and her mind was not in the game. ?I felt a whole sense of guilt and remorse, because I thought I was letting my family down because I wasn?t around,? Jessica said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph.

?I was trying to keep saying to myself that I was doing something really positive for my future, my family loves me and they understand, but no matter how much someone tells you it?s ok, I still felt I should have been there a bit more.?

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