My Hero Academia Anime Trailer Reveals How Izuku Meets All Might

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The anime adaptation of K?hei Horikoshi?s My Hero Academia manga series has released a new promotional video. The new My Hero Academia anime trailer reveals new story details of the series.

It won?t be long before My Hero Academia fans see their favorite characters on the small screen. As previously announced, the premiere of the anime is slated for April 23 via MBS/TBS and other stations. Crunchyroll says the manga has been serialized in ?Shueisha’s Weekly Sh?nen Jump manga anthology magazine.?

The new trailer of My Hero Academia anime is already available on the official website of the new anime series. Anime News Network reveals that this is the fourth promotional video for the anime. The trailer reveals how Izuku Midoriya, the aspiring hero wannabe, met All Might, who is his idol superhero since childhood.

ANN has posted the transcription of the dialogue in the new trailer. According to the site, in the video, Izuku asks his favorite hero if he can become a hero too even if he is not born a Quirk.

Meanwhile, the My Hero Academia?s seventh volume recently topped the Weekly Chart in Japan. The Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia was published on Feb. 4. It occupied the no. 1 spot for the Feb. 1 to Feb. 7 weekly chart. The report states that it sold 149,444 copies in the said week. This is the first time that the manga has topped the weekly chart. To date, the official Twitter account of Horikoshi?s manga reveals that there are already 3.7 million copies of the series.

It was also reported that the eighth volume of My Hero Academia manga is set for release on April 4, a day after the anime series debuts on the small screen. Meanwhile, the ?Boku no Hero Academia? TAG CARD GAME will be available in Japan on April 23, just a few days after the anime series? debut in Japan.

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