My Hand Hurts! Some Gaming Injuries and Ailments

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Now that e-games have garnered more popularity and even recognition as a legitimate sport, gamers are now considered as athletes and investments that need to win and make tournament money. Professional gamers now have to train like their more active counterparts in the sports industry. And with every sport, injuries also become part of the picture. If someone could get cancer from riding a bike too much, we?re pretty sure something can go wrong when someone plays video games for fourteen hours everyday.

We know these players just seem like they?re sitting down in front of a screen. But what goes on in these competitions is a lot more complicated. Commands have to be made, strategies have to be implemented, problems have to be solved, and trashtalking has to be executed.

This is why TheBitBag would like to present you with a collection of what could affect a professional gamer in terms of injuries and/or ailments:

  1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ? Mostly associated with antisocial librarians and secretaries, CTS has become recognized as a bane for those who heavily depend on a keyboard and mouse for a living. This happens when your median nerve becomes compressed by an application of pressure. In simpler terms, when you keep your wrists on a solid surface long enough, the nerves in that area get cramped because of the pressure. And just like the internet connectivity, when the passageway gets block or compressed, nothing gets through. This then causes pain or numbness.
  2. Gamers Neck ? This ailment is basically just stiff neck that gamers get. Sit your bottom in front of a screen and lean forward. That feels fine at first. Keep it motionless and stiff for 3 hours and still nothing. Get up and you swear like a sailor. Not unless you have enough Benjamins to set up a swanky home entertainment and gaming system, your best bet would have to be the occasional stretch and you know, actually looking at something else for just a few seconds.
  3. Blisters ? Do you remember that first fighting game you ever bought? What about the first time you heard ?down forward punch?? Remember how sore your thumb felt after rubbing on the D-pad trying to execute Akuma?s one hit K.O. special? That kind of injury is a blister wherein too much pressure on an area on the skin is over stimulated, it begins to swell. Also remember how you didn?t care that part of your thumb was peeling off as long as you could one hit your little brother into crying? We remember as well. It was sweet.
  4. Computer Vision Syndrome ? This ailment is characterized by pain in the eye muscles as well as headaches coupled with the dryness of the eyes. Blink for heaven?s sake!

At the end of the day, you can take the player from the game, but you can?t take the game from the player. Old habits die hard. Just like lasagna to Garfield, gaming is now a way of life. But you don?t have to suffer because of it. Getting short breaks in the middle of marathons can save you from a lot of gaming injuries and ailments. Trust us. TheBitBag has gamers too.


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