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Please let me take you on my first journey into the world of video game press events. Today August 5th, 2009, I was invited by Torrence Davis from our website,, to join him and The Hip Hop Gamer at a press event that was being held by Deep Silver. Now, this is my first “Industry” event and I was a bit nervous because well…I was, and that’s about it. I was nervous of just about everything but to the high praise of Deep Silver, the people at the event where truly nice and very cool. Here’s the full Story:

Now to start off my “reliving” of today, I arrived at the event and started to look at a video game titled “Risen”. This game is a third person role playing game which takes place on a volcanic Mediterranean island where your character washes up on shore, and from there, you will unravel the game’s story through four chapters.

So, to get a little bit into the game play, it basically plays a lot like Oblivion. In the fact, there are spells you use and sword fighting and some summons. The thing that stood out to me when I first laid eyes on the “PC” version of the game was its graphics, as most people would too. But what took me back so much was how the game made the island look alive. In what we where shown, there weren’t a lot of people around to interact with, but the island itself was so captivating I kind of forgot about other people and was really interested in the island design and the architecture in the island. Don’t get me wrong there are people on the island to talk to, and there seems to be a little conversation branching as seen in “Mass Effect” with the people on this island. The last thing I will leave you with about this game is that it really looks like a quality title, and seems to be a very good game for any role playing gamer that was into the Elder Scrolls series.
(Risen coming out on PC, Xbox 360 on October 2nd, 2009)

The next game that we where shown was titled “Cursed Mountain.” This third person survival horror / adventure game, comes to us on the Nintendo Wii on August 25th, 2009. People reading this post, I would like to introduce to you what the Nintendo Wii should be getting more often from video game developers. A unique video game experience you will not find on any other console on the market. This game takes place in the Himalayan mountains, where you will come to find your brother who went lost when climbing the mountain. When you reach your destination, you will be confronted buy an empty monk town. What happened to all the people that once inhabited the town? You, of course will have to play Cursed Mountain to find out.

I thought the game was VERY visually pleasing. I was really immersed into the environment that the developers chose to put you in for this game. You will climb the mountain walk along paths while trying to stay out of the way of other things around this mountain. Now one of the coolest things about this game is the fact that everything in the game as in the story, are real things that either people believe or are practicing in real life. Another thing that is cool and will be useful is the fact that when you progress in the game, your player will be going up the mountain, so you will always know where to go without the game having to hold your hand. One of the most immersive things about this game is the draw distance that is given to you as you are ascending this mountain. You can literally look back down the mountain to see where you have been, giving you a real perspective to where you are and where you have been. The last thing I will say about Cursed Mountain is the real fact that I have not seen a game like this on the Wii or really any other console so you will be getting a new fresh game if you decide to play this one.

And for some fun stuff that happened while I was there… Myself, Torrence Davis and Hip Hop Gamer and a few of the other video game media people, where talking about last week’s Warzone topic on “ Will PC gaming die after the next generation of consoles are released?” Now to be apart of this was really fun and I had a blast recording the event as it happened, because there was some real good conversations going on. Hip Hop and Torrence really got into it at some points, and it was great.

I can not say this enough, but thank you to Torrence Davis and thank you to The Hip Hop Gamer, and a big thanks to Deep Silver for putting on a great event for my first video game press event. Please keep your eyes on and, for all the videos that where shot today and trust me…there where a lot of them!

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