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MWC 2014: Zuckerberg, Samsung Galaxy S5 and many more

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MWC 2014 or the Mobile World Congress that’s going to happen in Barcelona in 3 days is going to be big this year–possibly bigger than CES. Why? There are two reasons:

1) A lot of brands are unveiling their newest tech for the year, especially the Samsung Galaxy S5.

2) Mark Zuckerberg is delivering a keynote speech.

Put together the hottest tech in the world right now with the founder and CEO of FAcebook and you have a stellar event. But what else can you expect in Barcelona? Take a look:


1. Nokia might unveil it’s first Android phone.

Even if the deal between Microsoft and Nokia isn’t done yet, the Normandy (what the rumors say the new Android Nokia will be called) may be unveiled at MWC 2014. Perhaps disappointed with the reception of their Lumia and Window phone line, Nokia is finally jumping to the other side of the fence.

2. LG has a ton (well, just 5) new phones and possibly more.

LG has already revealed 5 other phones after it bagged the best smartphone award with its LG G2 at the end of last year. Expect the G Pro 2, the G2 Mini, the L90, the L70 and the L40 along with other new tech.

3. Huawei might present a smartwatch and ZTE has new devices.

You could say that cheap smartphones are just as popular as the expensive ones, but there are so many smaller brands competing that the market is saturated. Huawei and ZTE have been in the game a bit longer and have made some headway from the rest of the China phone pack.

4. ?Sony might unveil a new Xperia tablet.

After the Xperia Z tablet that didn’t get a formal press conference, the new Xperia tablet that may possibly be running Android 4.4 KitKat shall be unveiled.

But the biggest reveal of MWC 2014 is still going to be Samsung’s Unpacked 5 event. Everyone’s waiting for the launch or announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S5, which can possibly be in two iterations: one in plastic and one in metal. As Samsung’s flagship phone, it’s possibly looking to recover from the beating it took from last year’s slew of LG G2, HTC One and the iPhone 5S.


Samsung fans attending MWC 2014 are hoping for a thumbprint scanner, better display, Android KitKat and a better UI from the Korean mobile phone company.

If you’re interested in watching the events unfold but aren’t actually in Barcelona for MVC 2014, there are a lot of live blogging events from the participants and some live broadcasts online.



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