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MWC 2014 News: Will Wearable Tech Rock ? What is a Blackphone?

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MWC 2014 News: Will Wearable Tech Rock ? What is a Blackphone?


Wearable Technology:

With all the hoopla surrounding the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, one of the more anticipated aspects of this year’s event is the rise of ?Wearable Technology?.

Last 2013 saw the introduction of a few notable smartwatches released by Sony and Samsung. Google also made a big splash with the introduction of Google Glass.


For MWC 2014, tech watchers are looking forward to more ?wearables? in terms of mobile gadgets and devices. A number of gadgets have been bandied about ? from Virtual Reality headsets, fitness trackers (did you catch our post on ?Apple & Google Fighting Over Basis Science? ), smartwatches and ?computer? eyewear. Although there have been no confirmation if any of the devices to be unveiled in Barcelona 2014 will be new and original, tech experts still agree that ?wearables? will be one of the major aspects of this year’s MWC.


Critics are also eager to join in the fray as they claim to see no indication of any major ?wearable? mobile gadget to claim the ?killer product? title for MWC 2014. They predict that with current R&D developments, the 2015 MWC might be the more probable venue for any wearable breakthrough.



The Blackphone:

An intriguing and interesting device to be unveiled in MWC 2014 is the Blackphone.

The what?

blackphone-logo Blackphone

With all the scary revelations on mobile data being mined by the NSA from the texts, calls, email and other mobile information we send and receive, a new handset called Blackphone might be the answer.

Created by Silent Circle and Geeksphone, the Blackphone is supposed to be a mobile phone that does not leave any digital footprint for anyone to hack and steal.


Toby Weir-Jones, Blackphone’s big boss and chief product manager says that the digital theft and surveillance of our mobile information has prompted the demand for such security based technology in our handsets. He added that ? ?. the wider market was not equipped to look for a solution… Apple and Android phones are caught up in a battle over larger screen sizes, higher resolution and faster operating systems…..The people who want to buy high-end phones need a way to differentiate one from another.?

In their website however, he cautions buyers that ?We do not claim Blackphone is ?NSA-proof…As with most things in life, there is no absolute guarantee.?


How is that for a MWC appetizer.

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