MWC 2014 Kicks off February in Barcelona

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Mark your calendar on February 24 because this is the day that the Mobile World Congress will take place. This event will unleash all of the much ? awaited next ? generation mobile devices from various manufacturers. MWC 2014 is an annual mobile tech event where major phone companies showcase their flagship models for the next season. This year, Facebook?s Mark Zuckerberg is the highlight of the event and will grace the stage to kickstart the MWC 2014.

Samsung Highly Likely to Launch S5

Consumers are looking forward to the presence of Korean company Samsung at the MWC 2014 for one reason: the launch of Galaxy S5. There is a 99 percent chance that the company will launch its new flagship model at the event. The invites sent out weeks before the event were covered in little 5s, which triggers the excitement of consumers on what may appear at MWC 2014.

The Korean brand is also rumored to bring the Galaxy Gear sequel at the event, which could possibly compete against Apple?s iWatch that will come later this year. Samsung confirmed the existence of rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo (or the Galaxy Note 3 Lite), as well. Consumers are also expecting the release of the Galaxy Grand Neo, a mid ? level handset with lower specs that Galaxy Grand 2.

What to Expect at MWC 2014


While there is a high chance that Samsung will launch the Galaxy S5 at the event, we have to recall the company?s decision to launch the Galaxy S4 at a separate event last year. Sony, on the other hand, kickstarted the competition by releasing its new Xperia Z at the tech show CES 2014 last January.

The Mobile World Congress 2013 was about quad ? core hardware and larger display. This year?s event will cover even larger displays, triggered by the Samsung Galaxy Round and the LG G Flex. However, consumers can also expect new technology on bendable screens and the emerging trend on smartwatches.

Other major manufacturers to present at the MWC 2014 also include Chinese handset makers like Huawei and ZTE. These two are just among the big boys that will complete the mobile tech event by launching low ? cost handsets with massive specs.

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