Mvix Solido Wireless-N USB Adapter Recognized

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Is your gaming rig on the opposite side of the house from your router? Are you having issues with your wireless connection? Mvix has been recognized for the quality of their Solido Wireless-N USB Adapter by MaximumPC. In their testing they have it as outperforming is closest competitor by Netgear in most of the criteria.

The Solido proved its mettle once we moved the client outside the home. With the client on the enclosed outdoor patio, the adapter delivered TCP throughput of 55.3Mb/s, compared to the Netgear’s 46.9Mb/s. But when we put the client completely outside the home – 85 feet from the router – the Solido absolutely crushed the Netgear adapter, delivering TCP throughput of 23.7Mb/s compared to just 2.71Mb/s.” It declares for Solido,

This 35 dollar 802.11n adapter was released just a couple months ago in February of this year at almost half the price of its leading competition. You can find the adapter at and take a look for yourself at what all the fuss is about. Or check out the MaximumPC lab test at

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