Must-Have Gadgets For Those Who Want To Work From Home

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Does working from home sound good to you? Sure it does. By working from home, you need not go through the daily agony of commuting or driving to and from the office. You also save yourself from having to deal with arrogant bosses and office mates. Working at home makes yourself your own boss. But for you to be a successful ?work from home? worker, there are gadgets that you must have. Here are three helpful gadgets that will help you become successful:

Globalgig Portable Wireless Hotspot


This is a mobile data hotspot device that allows you to work anywhere, anytime around the planet. It resembles a small and fat smartphone. Using it will not make you sweat because it?s so easy. ?You simply have to input the provided mini-SIM, insert the supplied battery, and charge the modem.

According to people who have tried using it, the Globalgig works even in remote places. It is also available on plan; on a 12-month contract, you can get up to 1 GB for $30 each month. For that same price, it works in 40 countries and you can connect up to five devices at one time.

Canon Prinstik Mobile Printer


This is said to be the smallest printer in the world and it uses no ink at all. It works like thermal printing. The advantage of using this device is that it never runs out of ink as you do not need to use any, but the disadvantage is the use of thermal paper costs a bit expensive.

The package contains a roll of paper that can sum up to twenty pieces A4 sheets. The printer, which works through Bluetooth, is good for quick drafts.

Stand Scan Pro Power Bundle


This is a document-scanning accessory for smartphone users. It is a box with a trapezoidal cross section, one open side, a peephole on the top for the camera to look through, and a base that’s a little larger than a letter-size piece of paper. It uses your mobile phone’s camera to capture the scan. According to M. David Stone, of?PC Magazine, this is ?the sort of gadget that is certainly a reasonable choice for anyone who wants to use his or her phone or tablet as a scanner substitute.?


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