Sports Anime: 5 Must Watch Shows To Put You in the Olympic Fever

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Can?t get enough of the excitement in 2016 Rio Olympics? Take it further by adding some otaku fun. See your favorite sports in full color animation and in an out-of-this-world action effects. Get ready to wallow in all sorts of emotions and of course, an overdose of comedy by checking out this list of must watch sports anime.

Haikyuu!! – Volleyball

It is still a surprise how a volleyball themed anime can be this interesting much so that in this anime, men dominated the sport as opposed in real life. While Haikyuu!! seems to be a typical underdog team story, you?ll learn as you watch the later episodes that it builds up to a deeper and a more relatable theme. What sets Haikyuu!! apart is that the main characters are inexperienced and are unlikely to be the best players in the series. There are no quick level ups or inexplicable victories. Instead it lets you in on the struggles, realistic game losses, and team conflict that each and every athlete probably encounters in real life, before they are deemed worthy to be called champions.

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Kuroko no Basuke – Basketball

Kuroko is not the best scorer in the team but he is the best support any team could have. He is quick to deceive opponents and steal the ball as well as make unbelievable passes.

Aptly called as the phantom sixth man, Kuroko has a slick approach to basketball. He doesn?t look the part, he is short, he has no stamina and worse of all, no shooting skills. But through the help of Seijuro Akashi, he learns a different way to play basketball. Kuroko hones his misdirection technique and maximizes his invisibility in court and is able to support the rest of the team to score.

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Giant Killing – Football

If you want relentless action, romance, comedy, go for this anime. Giant Killing is a story about East Tokyo United and their coach Tatsumi Takeshi, who was once a star player of the team. Takeshi is tasked to bring together individually conflicted players and bring out the best in each of them through an odd, or more often, reckless way. Get to know how ETU improved their performance as a team amid the lack of budget and experienced players.

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Prince of Tennis – Tennis

This is the most popular tennis anime of all times. The story follows Ryouma, a tennis prodigy who suddenly discovers he is not entirely the best in the world. ?His father enrolls him in Seigaku Tennis Club, where he meets players who challenge his skill. Like any other sports anime, each team and player wants to either win or be the best. Seigaku Tennis Club soon learns how to support each other and work their way to the National Tournament. Fans say Prince of Tennis is like a superpower tennis, watch it know why.

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Free! – Swimming

If Ning Zetao is making waves right now, wait until you see the whole Iwatobi Swim Club. It?s like Ning Zetao x 5! These guys, with their perfectly honed swimming forms, try hard to recruit a fourth member into their club so that they can join the upcoming tournament. Soon they convince former track player, Rei Ryuugazaki. Training for the tournament allowed them to form a beautiful strong friendship and brotherhood.

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