Must-Watch Movies for the Ultimate Geek

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Let’s put it this way: Technology and movies mix well together.

Technology plays a huge role in the success of every movie, but sometimes, it takes the lead role. Here is a list of movies that will surely move your techie heart to tears.

  1. The Social Network0000the-social-networkSocial media. College geeks. Computers. Can this movie get any more “geekier” than it already is?This Oscar-winning flick about the founding of Facebook is a necessary watch for anyone and everyone who is addicted to social media. Your friends are recommending it to you for a reason so you definitely need to check it out.
  2. The Conversationmv5body3oti3odk3mf5bml5banbnxkftztcwmjkxmjy1mw-_v1-_sy317_cr50214317_1To casual film-goers, ?Francis Ford Coppola is “the godfather.” But this film?is one of his best films. It is a shame that when people hear his name, it is always about The Godfather.?The film revolves around the life of a surveillance expert who spies on a couple that might get murdered. This movie was nominated for three major Oscars; this alone is enough reason to conclude that this is a must-see.
  3. Iron ManYou can never go wrong with this movie. NEVER.iron_man_3_movie-wideHumor, technology and action combined? This movie is definitely for all tech geeks and comic-lovers. Just for the sake of telling the story (although I know you must have memorized this by heart now), Tony Stark is a superhero bad boy billionaire, who became part machine after a terrible accident. And that is where the legend of this amazing modern-day superhero started. Yep, it is not obvious that the writer adores and worships Iron Man.
  4. CatfishAlthough I am most probably sure that you have seen the MTV series of this one, I will still recommend watching the movie where it all started.catfishCatfish is a homemade movie with a heart. It is a?documentary made by filmmakers and brothers Ariel and Nev Schulman and their friend, Henry Joost, about Nev’s online relationship with a girl he has never met in person. It is a very realistic take on relationships built online that never really work out well in the end.
  5. The Truman ShowLet’s start this by asking a simple question: What if your whole life was a lie?the_truman_show_66757-1400x1050Not in a totally dramatic way, but in a your-entire-life-was-recorded-and-watched-by-millions-of-viewers-nationwide kind of way. This film, starred by Jim Carey, is about reality shows which takes things too far.

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