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These Long Distance Apps Will Bridge The Distance This Valentine’s Day

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Long distance apps

Nothing is better than spending Valentine’s Day with the person you hold dear. It’s a day similar to any other day but has been set aside for couples traditionally. These long distance apps for Valentine’s day will make you forget that you’re far away from your beloved partner.

However, there’s no app that can substitute the feeling of being with your partner. On the positive side, you can use your phone as a tool for you and your special someone. It may not give you the same feeling but it will surely let you hear what you want to hear and see what you want to see.

Best Long Distance Apps For Chatting

Other than being useful, chatting with your special someone is definitely fun. The fact that you can send your other half some naughty messages while both of you are at work can prove its uniqueness. Thanks to the technology we have today, we no longer have to wait for multiple days before our message arrives at its destination.

However, you need to play it safe. In other words, making private conversations with people special to you should remain completely private. On the positive side, there are plenty of apps out there such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp that offer extra secure encryption.

Best Long Distance Apps For Real Time Video Calling

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Nothing can make a loving person happier than making him/her see the person he/she loves. After all, people learn better when they see an example, we’re visual creatures. In addition, we recognize faces long before we understand anything in this world.

Furthermore, there’s a lot of fun to be had if both people in the relationship have space where they can toggle on the camera. On the positive side, there are all kinds of ways a smartphone can share video in real time. In this case, we’re recommending the Google Duo app.

Google Duo app has an outstanding video quality in addition to being very straightforward. It is perhaps the most simple app that doesn’t have the extra features present in other video calling software. In fact, the said app is also encrypted which makes the romantic conversation secure as possible.

Best Long Distance Apps For Computers

Things change significantly if you own a computer or even a tablet. Apps such as Skype or Hangouts will bring you to the big screen territory and make video calls. However, if both parties have an Apple, FaceTime is the way to go.

Furthermore, Skype and Hangouts both offer full-screen video accompanied by audio. It’s available on Apple and Windows computer. On the other hand, Hangouts provide a wide array of features such as video calling and texting.

For more long distance apps for Valentine’s day, stay tuned to TheBitBag.

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