‘Murdered: Soul Suspect’ Developer Ends Operation

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Creating video games is a very challenging task. From classic ?jump on stuffs? video games to high definition role-playing games, it is not easy to conceptualize the very idea of a video game. You do not only focus on the technical aspects and factors that a game has but it also has to be entertaining. It is like putting a piece of yourself onto something to be explored by a lot of people. Video games are also what you can call ?an art.

When you see people enjoying the games that you have created, it is like serving food to people. But for a game developer to succeed, the games must be sellable. The sad part is, if it doesn’t, a developer has to say goodbye after years of awesome gaming.

The developer of Murdered: Soul Suspect, Airtight Games, just closed their doors. Just after a month of releasing?their last title, Murdered: Soul Suspect, Airtight Games made the decision. According to a report by Geekwire, the independent developer said their goodbyes on their twitter account and closed its game studio in Redmond, Washington just this week.

?Thanks to all of the fans, family, friends and colleagues who supported us and made the last 10 years possible.?

?Thanks to all of the amazing people that worked on Dark Void, Quantum Conundrum, Murdered, Soul Fjord, Pixld and DerpBike.? Airtight Games added.

Geekwire visited the studio?s physical space and witnessed office equipment being sold at incredible discounts. Airtight Games was?founded back in 2004 and cut off jobs last April 14 as part of the ?necessary restructuring? of the company, in which then they said?that the company is seeking partners for their future games. According to Jim Deal, Airtight Games? President, it was a ?natural ebb and flow of game production?.

Kim Swift, former studio creative director and also known for her work on Portal, left Airtight and fled to Amazon Game Studios.



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