Murdered: Soul Suspect and Other New PlayStation Games For June 3!

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A lot of games are coming to the PlayStation this week. Below are some details.

Murdered: Soul Suspect

First on our list is Murdered: Soul Suspect. It definitely has something to look out for in a game as it has a very nice spin to it. Players will take on the role of Ronan, a detective who has had his own fair share of wrongdoings before trying to turn things around, just a few minutes after his own death. Yes, in Murdered: Soul Suspect, you play as a ghost instead of a living human being. Ronan gets new abilities as a ghost, but also loses some things that he could do while living like interacting with people or asking them questions. Players must find a way to uncover the mysteries and find the mass murderer behind his own murder. Take a look at the trailer below for some more details.? The game launches for PS3 and PS4 this week.


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1001 Spikes


Jim Hawkins is a world renowned archaeologist who has gone missing while exploring the frozen reaches of Antarctica. His son Aban is entrusted with a map to the Ukampa Temple that contains endless traps and dangers. Will Aban be able to surpass his famous father? Play the game to find out more! The game will be available on the PS4 and PS Vita

Heroine Dream


Heroine Dream is a PSone import and players will play the role of a producer working with a prospective heroine named Shizuka Maiki. Shizuka has different attributes that include confidence, athleticism, and stress levels, which the player needs to carefully look at in order to raise a well rounded heroine. Multiple endings are available and they will depend on how players raise Shizuka.

Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection


This PS Vita game is about Neptune and her friends who decide to summon a talented idol producer who players control. The producer is tasked with training Neptune and her friends so that they become successful idols by taking them to different PR events, raising their stats and putting them on concerts!

These aren?t the only games that are slated for release, other games include PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate, PlayStation Vita Pets, War Thunder, and Worms Battlegrounds.

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