Mumford And Sons ‘Wilder Mind’ Album Shows Departure From Original Music, Curses On Live TV!

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Mumford and Sons? lead singer accidentally told viewers of Australia?s “The Cricket Show” on Channel Nine exactly how hot the Brisbane sun was.

“It’s f***ing hot lads,” the Marcus Mumford uttered on live television as he prepared to face former Australian fast bowler Brett Lee.

It didn?t help that Mumford had bubble wrap strapped over the more traditional cricket protection gear. As seen on a video posted on the band?s Facebook, Marcus Mumford fared well as a batsman underneath the heat. ?When facing Australia’s fastest bowler ? bring bubble wrap. Cheers?Brett Lee. See you soon Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney!? read the caption.

A ?Wilder Mind?

Earlier this year, the band released their third album called ?Wilder Mind?, which is a departure from their previous two albums.

Gone were the banjo, accordion and double bass, replaced by electric guitar. “We’ve added a drum kit, which we never had before, so that changes the way you can write songs,” Mumford said in an interview with NPR. “You can sit back, play one guitar chord every four bars, and really concentrate on singing. I don’t have to be playing drums with my feet, like a kick drum and tambourine. I don’t have to be hammering away with my right hand, providing a lot of the percussion. I get to really just sing, which is a real joy for me,” he added.

The Mumford Experience

Mumford grew up on worship music as his parents were the founders of the British arm of the evangelistic Vineyard church.

?I sang alto in a choir at school,? he said in an interview with The Big Issue. ?I was in the B choir. Couldn?t get in the A choir. Ben was in the A choir. They made you sing ?Once in Royal David?s City? a capella; they gave the first note and then at the end, if you were more than a semi-tone out, you didn?t get into the choir. I was more than a semi-tone out but I learned about harmony through that? and yeah,?through going to church, I learned how to be in bands.?

Though their sound may have evolved, the Mumford and Sons experience is still the same. ?When we started out, we?d literally climb out of the audience on to the stage and just start playing with people rather than playing for them. That?s where it all started for us and I think that?s continued in the vibe of our band,? Mumford said.

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