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Multiplayer Guide For 7 Days to Die

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Tips and tricks for you and your friends. Survive for weeks in 7 Days to Die.

Playing with other people in 7 Days to Die is totally different compared to the single player mode (or SP)…. maybe in some aspects it can be similar to Minecraft. ?In the multiplayer mode everyone must have a specific role to follow if you want to survive longer.

Here are the tips I made for you and your group if you are all beginners in?7 Days to Die.

  • First things first, adjust the difficulty. You don?t want to start the game on hard mode when you are just starting out. Also, adjust the spawn rate of zombies to low then change it to medium or high when you and your party are adjusted to how the game works.
  • Assign members of your party. Choose someone for the role of forger/cook, builder, defender and hunter/gatherer. If you are new to this game, chances are, you are still learning the recipes for crafting. So it?s best if you just focus on one thing for now and explore later on.
  • When you start a new game all of you will be put on random places all over the map. So it?s best to put a designated area for meet ups and decide what kind of group you are. Either nomads (no permanent place or who moves around a lot) or build a community/village.
  • Once you have decided on what type of group you guys are, it?s now time to gather supplies. All members should be a gatherer in this phase.

Forger/cook ? rocks, clay, dirt, sand, metal scraps from cans, car parts etc.

Builder ? rocks, wood, tall grass

Defender ? you won?t have any duties this early of the game. So either you help the forger/cook or the builder, it?s your choice.

Hunter/gatherer ? stones, wood (sticks), tall grass, feather, meat and canned food (NOTE: Hunters/gatherers should prioritize ?rocks, sticks and feathers for weapon ammunition)

  • Once you?ve completed the necessities it?s now time to move or build a house. Give all the resources that you and your party have gathered to the builder and forger.
  • Here is where the fun starts. When you are a defender your main role is to scout the perimeter for ?walkers?. If you see one, kill it before it attracts other walkers.
  • While they are busy building hunters should go out and look for other necessities for the builders and cooks.

(Tip for hunters: always carry at least 3 canned food, 5 water bottles and a painkiller. It?ll help you a lot on your search)

  • Stay away from villages and cities as much as possible. You can find plenty of loot there as well as zombies, especially in gravetown. Stay away from the big zombie cops. Why? Because they are the only ones who can do range attacks and once you are close they can explode and attract more zombies. Don?t forget about the dogs, when you see one, run!
  • Once everything is set up and you have moved in to a house, cooks must make a forge and campfire.

(NOTE: campfire allows you to cook your food and boil contaminated water)

Once you?ve done all of the steps it is now up to the hunters to provide supplies for the group. This is how me and my group started out and surprisingly, it turned out great.

I almost forgot, don?t go out when it?s nighttime. Always go out during the day and always crouch when you are inside the building so that you?ll know if a zombie outside can sense you or if you are being hunted. It will also prevent you from being detected.

I think that?s about it. I hope you enjoyed my tips on 7 Days to Die.

*Photo taken by me

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