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MTV Classic: The Ultimate Throwback is Coming Back on Your TV Screen

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MTV Classic

Before this digital and social media age, the youth had MTV. Everything ?cool? was MTV. Music and mainstream pop culture was MTV. So now, on their 35th anniversary, they are bringing it back – ??All the best shows of MTV during the 1990s and 2000s will be on television again in what will be known as MTV Classic.

Beginning August 1, VH1 Classic will now become MTV Classic and the first show will be called MTV Hour One, which literally means MTV?s first hour on air, featuring their pilot episode during 1981. ?Expect to relive your couch potato and emo days while watching a marathon of TRL (Total Request Live) and MTV Unplugged that featured legends such as Nirvana, Bob Dylan, and Alice in Chains in an intimate-acoustic, live performance.

On weekends, the channel will feature past MTV produced movies, concerts and more music videos, together with the shows that gave birth to the term ?reality tv?, such as Road Rules, The Real World, and Laguna Beach.

Let?s not forget the reappearance of our favorite dumb, thoughtless, sexist, crude, ugly, self-destructive fools – Beavis & Butt-head. They are back together with other classic animated shows like Daria, a story about high school girl named Daria Morgendorffer, who tries so hard to keep a low profile in school; and Aeon Flux, the futuristic adventures of secret agent extraordinaire, Aeon Flux. In a press release, MTV?s president, Sean Atkins said, ?From ?Beavis & Butt-head? to ?Laguna Beach,? MTV?s programming vault is a music and pop culture goldmine with universal resonance.?MTV Classic

Also Included in the MTV Classic lineup are Pimp My Ride, Ashton Kutcher?s Punk?d, Cribs, and Johnny Knoxville?s Jackass. MTV is known for its influence on issues related to censorship and social activism during the 1990s. They have toned down in the recent years probably due to the criticisms and the decline of viewers who now prefers online channels.

But a great move by MTV for bringing back MTV Classic and for making us feel young again. Hopefully the youth of today pick up on it and acknowledge the history of coolness, music, and pop culture of that age, something that cannot be replicated by today?s digital era. ?

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