MSI Reveals New GAMING Series Motherboards

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MSI has unveiled GAMING motherboards which come in three distinct versions: GAMING 3, GAMING 5 and GAMING 7.

MSI?s next-generation GAMING motherboards all feature a USB Audio Power similar to that of the latest ITX GAMING models in order to ensure stable 5V power delivery.

In their official website, MSI said, “MSI gaming motherboards are available in all form factors from the regular ATX to the small micro ATX and now the new, tiny mini-ITX. But a smaller size doesn’t mean you get less features! For instance, besides their stunning looks, all MSI GAMING motherboards feature Killer LAN, Audio Boost and Gaming Device Port, regardless of their form factor. Additionally the new Z87I GAMING AC and the AMD FM2+ GAMING also feature USB Audio Power to give you the crispest audio solution if you use an USB DAC and it comes equipped with Intel 802.11ac for blistering fast wireless transfer speeds. You can get MSI’s gaming motherboards with a variety of chipsets, ranging from Intel? Z87, H87, B85 to AMD A88X chipsets.”

New MSI boards will also feature the Audio Boost 2 solution powered by Creative Sound Blaster Cinema.

?With Audio Boost we’re delivering the highest audio quality so you can enjoy crystal clear sound and music in games. Because the complete audio circuitry is isolated from other features, you’ll enjoy less interference and more stability,? MSI said.

Moreover, it has built-in headphone amplifier that allows gamers to use studio-grade headgear and get the most amazing sound quality out of the gaming PC.

MSI GAMING motherboards also features one or more PCI-Express 3.0 slots which are perfectly aligned and has enough space for an optimal airflow when using multiple graphics cards. MSI said, ?That way, you will never have to worry about an overheating PC, while you are enjoying the best graphics jumping off from your monitor when running a NVIDIA? SLI? or AMD Crossfire gaming setup.?

Furthermore, it features an Advanced Stream Detect? — Killer E2200 which automatically detects and accelerates game traffic ahead of other network traffic for smoother, stutter-free in-game performance and the competitive edge.

?With this exclusive, automatic traffic prioritization, games and real-time chat get priority over low-level system chatter, giving you the lowest latency for game data on the most controllable network hardware available.?

MSI claims their motherboards are the best gaming weapons at hand simply because of the following:

? The highest frag and the lowest lag with Killer? E2200 Game Networking
? Crystal clear sound with Audio Boost
? Top quality audio solution with Sound Blaster Cinema
? Superb graphics with VGA Boost
? Blazing fast booting with Super RAID
? Gaming Device Port
? Military Class 4 Components
? OC Genie 4 & Click BIOS 4
? Optimized for multiple graphics cards
? Supports DDR3-3000 memory for super fast loading

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