Ms Universe, Dr. Mike Officially Dating? The Truth Behind The Rumors

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Ms. Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach is being coy about the rumors on her dating Dr. Mike of the ?Hot Doctor of Instagram,? which only fuels speculation that it?s true. ?At the right time,? she replied when a fan pressed her to confirm the truth between her and Dr. Mike.

Wurtzbach?s reply is typically evasive when someone wants to dodge a question. But why would she avoid giving a direct answer? We can deduce three scenarios:

1) They are an item, yes, but want to keep the paparazzi off, at least, at the getting-to-know-each-other stage

2) They?re not an item, but the news is such a publicity for Ms. Universe

3) She?s waiting for Dr. Mike to make the move

Our bet is no.3 because it?s the only reason with the strongest time element in it. She?s waiting, ergo, at the right time, we?ll get Wurtzbach?s answer.

Who is Dr. Mike?

He?s a second year resident from the College of Osteopathic Medicine at the New York Institute of Technology. Not that his educational credential matters, but his Instagram photos showcasing himself in charity work, health advocacy, outdoor activities, and everyday life at the hospital and home, have caught the fancy of people–presumably women–comparing him to a real-life Doug Ross, George Clooney?s character in E.R., or a Hollywood hunk who could have easily been cast in Grey?s Anatomy.

The rumors started when an alleged Pia Alonzo Facebook account surfaced last Friday stating that she?s ?in a Relationship with Mikhail Varshavski.? But a day after, the 2016 Miss Universe denied having dated Dr. Mike. Now if you?re paying close attention, dating can be subjective these days. We know couples who?ve had hit it right off the bat even through intimate online exchanges alone.

So, is there truth to the rumors? Let?s ask Steve Harvey.

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