MS Office: Free Downloads Galore for under-10 inch Devices

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Microsoft earlier came up with a new OS, the Windows 10, a streamlined wonder.

Windows 10 aims to do for Microsoft what the iOS managed to do for Apple: simplify things. We all know how the iOS is shared across Apple?s devices, and so far, the idea has worked for them. There are a lot of people who are reaping the benefits of the interconnectivity between an iPad, an iPhone, and the Mac.

Windows aims to be able to do that with the Windows 10, where its pads, PCs, and Windows phones will be able to share the same OS across different platforms. That?s the aim, at least, as per this PC World article which shows how even Office 365 is shared across platforms. That being said, will businesses also be able to make the most out of this Microsoft deal, as per Windows IT Pro?

Office 365 a Freemium for Devices

Microsoft?s Office 365 comes with the Windows 10 upgrade, and as it appears, it?s also included in a stream lined fashion, but in certain cases, Office 365 isn?t bundled along, as per PC World. That?s because Office 365 will arrive free on screens smaller than 10 inches. It does leave to be seen how Microsoft will manage the feat of creating documents on a small screen.

Aside from that, the PC World article also brings promises in terms of Microsoft?s new Surface Pro and Pro 2. They?re coming packaged with the Office 365, as promised, along with a myriad of other products.

Businesses are the Minority

So how does Microsoft Office 365 figures in on the business side of things?

As it appears, from the Windows IT Pro article we see Microsoft Office 365 isn?t coming as a freemium to all users, after all. As it appears, companies will not be included in the freemium upgrade, something that business owners abhor. With things as it is, could Microsoft be doing this to shoulder the costs of the Freemium?

That it does appear to be. The Freemium is coming to devices, of course, but not to businesses, which makes sense because the Freemium doesn?t appear to be at the quality the businesses tend to need them, as per Windows IT Pro. It might not be a big thing since businesses to have money to pay for Office, but it does do poorly on the part of mutual benefit.

What now for Microsoft?

On one hand, we have the businesses that are ready to pay a premium although looking for a sign of good faith. On the other, a restrictive upgrade reserved only for devices that fit a certain description. Microsoft certainly knows what they are doing, but how far can they go with the alienation businesses feel about the 365 update?


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