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Mr Robot Season 3 Air Date, Spoilers: Major Plot Twist For Elliot and Angela & All The Details We Know So Far

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Mr Robot Season 3 Air Date

The Mr. Robot Season 2 finale opened up a can of worms that left us fans shocked and confused at the same time. Angela Moss, a loyal friend to Elliot Anderson, ended up betraying the vigilante hacker.

As seen from the last episode, Portia Doubleday’s character has joined the Dark Army alongside Tyrell (Martin Wallstrom). Angela even gave her approval to the ECorp VP to shoot her childhood best friend if he refused to participate in the second phase of the attack on the company. Now, you may be wondering what’s going on with her? Has Angela been completely seduced by power or is she still on Elliot’s side? Does she have her own secret motives for her apparent betrayal?

At first glance, it seems she has indeed sided with the dark side. However, Reddit user Silverslip has an interesting idea about the blonde and her real identity in the show and that is Angela is just another of Elliot’s identities.

Mr Robot Season 3 Air DateNecta Casiple | The Bitbag

Mr Robot Season 3 Air Date: Portia Doubleday as Angela Moss.

Angela Who?

According to the theory, she may be the alter ego that represents the hacker’s determination to avenge the death of his mother and Angela’s from the Washington Township disaster. The theory posits that Angela may have also died in the tragedy and that it was actually Elliot who has been trying to hack into the ECorp server (S02E09) to get more information on the Toxic Gas Leak.
The clue? While Angela was copying the files from ECorp’s system, the filename Evilcorp_Press-WT flashed on the screen which refers to Elliot’s own nickname for ECorp. The phrase EvilCorp is only ever mentioned when the hacker is around in a scene that we’re viewing from his perspective.  Any other time, ECorp is referred to as The Company
However, Elliot wasn’t there during the scene. We already know Elliot infiltrated the ECorp system before, so it’s also entirely possible it was just some file he planted with his own personal twist. But what if she is another identity? We’ll have to wait for the show’s Season 3 to answer that.
Mr Robot Season 3 Air DateUSA Network

Mr Robot Season 3 Air Date: EvilCorp referenced in S02E09

What To Expect In Mr. Robot Season 3


In the meantime, here’s what we can expect next season.

Shorter episodes. Most Mr. Robot episodes clock in at an hour plus. But Mr. Robot showrunner and mastermind Sam Esmail said in a past interview that he knows the inconvenience of a weekday show with a late start carrying that kind of length. “I think moving forward, I want to keep that run time as tight as possible,” he said.

New facesVinyl’s Bobby Cannavale has boarded the third season as Irving, a no-nonsense used car salesman. Rizwan Manji also booked a recurring role. He will portray the FBI partner of Grace Gummer’s Dominique DiPerro, helping with the investigation on the monumental Five/Nine hack from the first season.

The focus will still be on Elliot’s psyche. In the same interview, the showrunner stressed that the heart of the show is about Elliot’s emotional journey, so they “are still going to continue this internal struggle” with the main character.

Seasons 4 and 5 plot are already established. Esmail previously shared that he already has an outline for the subsequent seasons, granted the show will be renewed. He doesn’t know every detail, just the big plot points ahead. The series ending has already been decided too, but that’s if Mr. Robot gets that far.

Mr Robot Season 3 Air Date

USA Network was aiming for a Summer 2017 release for the jewel in their programming lineup. However, Rami Malek’s schedule was too hectic to make the proposed deadline, so they pushed the Mr. Robot Season 3 air date into the fall.

Any thoughts? Do you think Angela has been flipped? What are your expectations for Mr. Robot Season 3? Sound off in the comments below!

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