Mr. Robot Season 2 Spoilers: Elliott An Alter Ego of Tyrell, or Tyrell Another Identity of Elliott?

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Will Mr. Robot Season 2 reveal that Tyrell and Elliott are the same person? Is one of them just an alter ego of the other?
Will Mr. Robot Season 2 reveal that Tyrell and Elliott are the same person? Is one of them just an alter ego of the other?

Fans are eagerly anticipating Mr. Robot Season 2, and they were pleasantly surprised with an early premiere of Episode 1 on social media on Sunday night. However, only the first part of the two-episode premiere was shown, which revealed that Tyrell is still missing after the massive hack. Meanwhile, Darlene has taken charge of the fsociety as Elliott is busy looking for Tyrell while also trying to have a normal life. The crazy fan theory then arose– could Elliott and Tyrell be just one person? Is Elliott just an alter ego of Tyrell, or is Tyrell another personality of Elliott?

Is Elliot Just an Alter Ego of Tyrell?

News.com.au theorizes that Elliott (and Mr. Robot) could be an ?alter ego of Tyrell.? The site points out several details from Season 1 that back up the theory: ?Elliot recoils at other people?s touch, but not Tyrell?s; Tyrell says to Elliot: ?We?re the same,? and Elliot?s subconscious saying, ?I was only born a month ago.??

Elliott?s strange conversation with Joanna in the first part of Mr. Robot Season 2?Episode 1 also somehow hinted that there is something between them. She also spoke to Elliott in Danish, as if she knew that Elliott would understand because she is aware that he is her husband?s alter ego. The site also pointed out that Joanna told Tyrell ?not to unravel? back in Season 1.

Tyrell?s Psychology

Just like Eliott, Tyrell seems to be mentally disturbed, as he suddenly?snaps at people when he?s frustrated. Regarding his character, Season 1 seems to have been focused on Tyrell?s psychology. Fans would remember how he paid a beggar to beat up back in Season 1, or the fact that he accidentally killed Sharon Knowles out of pressure and frustration. The character appears to have demons of his own, which seem to mostly come from the pressure of his wife and his frustration to become the best.

Elliot = Mr. Robot + Tyrell?

Meanwhile, it?s also possible that Elliott may have two alter egos, which include Tyrell. When Elliott discovered Mr. Robot?s real identity, he tried to keep him away. Then Tyrell suddenly showed up, interested in his plan. He even said that they were meant to ?work together,? which is the same thing Mr. Robot previously told Elliott.

After the massive hack though, Tyrell is nowhere to be found, and Elliott suspects that Mr. Robot killed him. Is it possible that Tyrell suddenly disappeared because he doesn?t really exist at all and is just on Elliott?s head? Did Elliott successfully drive away his alter ego Tyrell after the latter was instrumental in the successful hack?

To know whether that mind-boggling theory is true, fans will have to tune in to?the show?s second season. The full premiere of Mr. Robot Season 2 will air on July 13. It will be divided into two episodes, and a live commentary on the show will air afterward.

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