Mr. Robot Season 2 Premiere Date in July; Tyrell Wellick to Become a Member of fsociety, Elliot to Lead?

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Mr. Robot Season 2 may feature Tyrell Wellick as the new member of fsociety.
Mr. Robot Season 2 may feature Tyrell Wellick as the new member of fsociety.

Fans of Mr. Robot are in for a treat, as the show?s second season will debut next month. Reports state that Mr. Robot Season 2 will have a two-episode premiere in July, and the series will pick up from the chaos that took place in Season 1. Rumors suggest that after the fall of E Corp, Tyrell Wellick will aspire to become a member of the fsociety. It?s said that he and Elliot may contest for the leading position in the organization.

According to Mashable, Mr. Robot Season 2 will pick up a month after fsociety?s 5/9 hack, and the show?s cast will start to experience the consequences of the crime. In an interview with Deadline, Martin Wallstrom, who plays Tyrell, said that the show will be darker, and his character may be on the hook for the fsociety hacks. He also said that the effect of the 5/9 hack will be revealed in Season 2.

Fans know that Tyrell had a hand in the hack, as he wanted revenge from his bosses who did not give him a promotion. Through his help, Elliot was able to successfully hack E Corp, which led to its downfall. Now that Tyrell is on the run, rumors suggest that he will soon ask to be included in fsociety. If that happens, he and Elliot may have to fight for the leading position in the hacker group.

However, Elliot will be faced with various struggles in Mr. Robot Season 2, so it remains to be seen if he will be fit enough to actually take over fsociety. In the teaser trailer for Season 2, Darlene seems to be regretting the group?s action, claiming that the 5/9 hack actually ?made it worse for everyone.? It?s said that Elliot will try to save her from such pessimistic views, but he may also need saving himself.

As shown in the promo video, the FBI is now after fsociety, and the group needs to have a leader for the ?revolution? they started. The clip shows Elliot being tormented by Mr. Robot, and it seems that he will have to work hard to keep his alter ego at bay.

Mr. Robot Season 2 premieres on July 13 on USA Network. The second season will have a total of 12 episodes, as two additional ones were recently ordered for the show. There will also be a live after-show titled Hacking Robot, which will be aired after each episode of Mr. Robot.

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