Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 4 Spoilers: Will Mr. Robot Be Back to Save fsociety? Elliot Makes Peace With the Enemy

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Mr. Robot Season 2 episode 4 may feature Mr. Robot back in charge. Will he save fsociety?
Mr. Robot Season 2 episode 4 may feature Mr. Robot back in charge. Will he save fsociety?

Mr. Robot Season 2 episode 4 airs tonight, and things are not looking good for fsociety, particularly Darlene. The group will crumble at the pressure of being caught, and it seems like no one can really trust each other anymore. Meanwhile, Elliot risks his sanity again and ?makes peace with the enemy?: Mr. Robot.

The synopsis for episode 4 reads, ?Elliot befriends Ray, hoping he can finally delete Mr. Robot; Dom makes a discovery; Darlene considers whether the FBI or Dark Army are the bigger threat.?

In episode 3, FBI agent Dominique ?Dom? DiPierro, who is in charge of looking for the E Corp hackers, unearthed an important clue. It seems that the fierce agent will soon discover fsociety?s hideaway, the Coney Island arcade, and see the group?s broken sign there.

The death of Romero also brings the FBI closer to Darlene. Dom discovered that the hacker?s death is connected to Mobley, and it?s very likely that Darlene?s name will soon turn up in the investigations. While Darlene doesn?t know who to trust anymore, she wonders if Dark Army should be feared more than the government. With the current pressure on the group, will they eventually turn in each other to the authorities?


Meanwhile, there?s a chance that Mr. Robot will be back in charge of Elliot and possibly fsociety again in Mr. Robot Season 2 episode 4. In the promo video of the upcoming episode, Elliot enters into a deal with Mr. Robot, in an attempt to remove him from his mind once and for all. Mr. Robot proposes a ?game,? where the winner takes all. This means if Elliot loses, Mr. Robot will be back in charge, which would be interesting to see, given the current predicament fsociety?s in.

Will Mr. Robot manage to defeat Elliot? If it happens though, will Mr. Robot help fsociety and save the group? Or will he cause more trouble for them? Catch Mr. Robot Season 2 episode 4 tonight at 10 pm on USA Channel.

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