Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 1 Leak: Surprise Premiere Recap; Tyrell Killed by Mr. Robot? Hack Backfires on fsociety

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Mr. Robot Season 2 episode 1 "leaked" early, and it showed that E Corp is still winning. Could Tyrell be dead?
Mr. Robot Season 2 episode 1 “leaked” early, and it showed that E Corp is still winning. Could Tyrell be dead?

“Mr. Robot” Season 2 is yet to officially premiere on July 13. However, the show surprised its fans with a premiere ?leak? on Sunday night. Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 1 premiered on social media for a limited time; however, only the 40-minute first part of the two-episode debut was shown. If you weren?t able to catch the Season 2 premiere ?leak,? we got you covered with this recap. [Spoilers Alert!]

Tyrell?s Last Moments Before He Disappeared

The first few minutes of Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 1 features Tyrell donning the fsociety mask. It then shows Tyrell and Elliott at fsociety?s hideout, which seems to be a continuation of the last scene of them together in Season 1, before the hack was done and Tyrell disappeared.

Elliott types codes on his keyboard and tells Tyrell that the massive hack they were planning all along has begun. As Tyrell takes a peek at the monitor, Elliott goes over to the popcorn machine and seems to reach out for the gun that Darlene previously buried there. It?s yet to be revealed what happens next, as the scene was cut there. Did Elliott shoot Tyrell, which is why he suddenly disappeared after the hack?

Elliott Convinces Himself that He?s in Control

There?s a seemingly new Elliott in Mr. Robot Season 2?Episode 1. He?s now staying at his mother?s house and goes through the same routine every day, which apparently helps him get rid of his father/Mr. Robot. He also keeps a journal and stays away from any kind of gadget to stay in control of himself. However, Mr. Robot still pops out from time to time and urges him to go to war. He also bursts Elliott?s bubble and says that ?control is an illusion,? but Elliott is determined to keep his delusions of his father at bay.

Tyrell Still Missing, Elliott Meets His Wife

The former interim CTO of Evil Corp is nowhere to be found after the hack, and Elliott suspects that Mr. Robot killed him. However, Mr. Robot refuses to say where Tyrell is, so Elliott goes out looking for him.

Elliott then meets Tyrell?s wife, Joanna, when he visits their home. The meeting was strange because Tyrell?s wife seems to know something that Elliott doesn?t. First she tells him that he just called and will be home soon. Later she says that it?s been three days since she saw him and that Tyrell was acting very strange then.

Evil Corp Still Winning

Though fsociety was able to successfully hack Evil Corp, they still don?t have the total freedom they?ve envisioned. They?re in hiding as the FBI is after them. Meanwhile, E Corp continues to make people suffer as they refuse to grant their clients? requests since they have no way to verify now if they?ve paid their debts or not.

Is Tyrell dead? Will Elliott manage to stay away from his old life; and will fsociety survive without him? Watch Mr. Robot Season 2?Episode 1 in full on July 13. The show will premiere with a two-part episode, and a live commentary will follow after.

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