Mr. Negative: The Story Behind The Spider-Man PS4 Villain

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Mister Negative in the flesh. [Image from Marvel Entertainment]

Spider-Man PS4, now being dubbed as Marvel’s Spider-Man, is coming to the PS4 sometime next year and has excited fans. Gamers are thankful that it won’t be chained to the storyline of a movie, like previous Spider-Man titles before it. Marvel fans were also happy seeing Mister Negative as one of the game’s villains, showing influence from the source material.

For those unaware, Mister Negative is a fairly new villain, debuting in the Brand New Day era of Spider-Man comics. The character has been a constant threat to the wall-crawler and has even tangled with Cloak and Dagger. While he might not be as popular as Doctor Octopus or Green Goblin, there are interesting things about the character.

Anyone Can Be Corrupt

Negative has the power to corrupt anyone, turning them into horrible people or making them do his bidding. He was responsible for turning Aunt May evil for a while, before her love for Peter overcame the negativity. We might have seen him use this in the end of the recent Spider-Man PS4 trailer at E3, garnering interest.

Spider-Man himself has been corrupted by Negative in the comics, becoming his lackie during the Dark Reign: Mister Negative series. The unfriendly neighborhood Spider-Man fought on Mister Negative’s behalf and almost killed Betty Brant, before remembering their friendship. Fans are speculating on another Spider-Man corruption in the game, with a player controlled Miles Morales possibly helping him.

Two Faces, One Body

In the comics, the drug that gave Mister Negative his powers gave him two distinct personalities, each with unique powers. As Mister Negative, he has super strength and the aforementioned corruption ability, which he uses to be a crime lord. The other personality, Martin Li, is a kind man who runs the volunteer soup kitchen F.E.A.S.T.

As Martin Li, he has the power to heal others of their sickness, which he only rarely uses. Li cured former Venom host Eddie Brock of his cancer, which accidentally turned him into Anti-Venom for a while. It seems like Negative can trigger the transformation whenever necessary, while Li can’t willingly turn into Negative.

Judging from the E3 Spider-Man PS4 trailer, it’s unclear if Negative will have a split personality, or if he’s faking. The game trailer shows him tangle with Spider-Man in a semi corrupted form, before going full Negative in the end. It should make for a fun boss encounter in the game, given the villain’s unique powers in the comics.

Crime Pays

Like many of Spider-Man’s villains, Mister Negative is one of New York’s many crime lords that street heroes continuously fight. His henchmen are called his Inner Demons, who he can strengthen with his powers, which we see in the trailer. During his time, he has fought Black Cat, Hammerhead and more to try and rule New York’s criminal underworld.

In the game, we see him try to takeover the Kingpin’s territory, implying that we will see a crime war. As far as stories go, it’s classic Spider-Man, since he’s been taking on crime lords during his early comic book days. Having this be a possible backdrop for the plot of Spider-Man PS4 would be intriguing, and could make for an action-packed narrative.

If the game is going for a more street crime theme, fans of the character would love to see it. Details regarding the story are still pretty slim, though we know Kingpin and Mister Negative are at war, which could be enough. This is definitely one of the more interesting PS4 exclusives that will be coming out next year, and could be the Marvel equivalent of the Batman Arkham games.

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