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Some rumors have mentioned that Mozilla is putting the axe on its plans to sell sponsored tiles on its new tab page. That doesn?t seem to be the case as Jonathan Nightingale, Mozilla?s Vice President for Firefox, mentioned on a brief blog post that the organization plans to perform some experiments in the next coming months to see how to best implement their sponsored tiles.

For some strange reason, a few people misinterpreted Nightingale?s comments as if Mozilla was backing off and abandoning the sponsored tiles project altogether. That?s clearly not the case as Nightingale?s blog post mentions that Mozilla would be moving ahead with the implementation although at a slower pace as they will be experimenting with different things to see what fits best. There could even be sponsored content in the future.

The sponsored tiles feature was first introduced at an Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) meeting in February and it is now starting to experiment with different layouts on the new, new tab page.

Mozilla?s reasoning for the sponsored tile page is mainly geared towards new users. Mozilla users who have been using the browser for a while will see the regularly visited sites once they open a new tab. This isn?t the case for new users though as there is no data to be able to suggest regularly used websites. This is where the sponsored tiles will come in as adding some Mozilla properties as well as other useful and sponsored sites could be a benefit to first time users.

There could be some truth to this but this probably isn?t the only reason why Mozilla is pursuing this step. Mozilla doesn?t have many sources for revenue aside from its contract with Google. Back in 2012, 97.9 percent of Mozilla?s revenue came from its deals with various search engines with Google being the main contributor. This move could be a financial one as Mozilla looks to expand their revenue generating sources. This won?t replace their income from Google but it could be the vital first step that Mozilla is looking for.

There will be some sort of backlash from fans though if a lot of sponsors come in which users don?t necessarily approve of.

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