Mozilla Firefox Launcher Coming to Android Soon

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The Mozilla Firefox Launcher for Android is coming out soon, according to an announcement released Wednesday during the InContext conference in San Francisco. The upcoming launcher for Android will go beyond from being a browser to your mobile phone?s home screen.

Home Screen Replacement

The Mozilla Firefox Launcher will serve as a replacement for your typical Android home screen, similar to that of Go Launcher EX and Nova Launcher. However, this launcher will be a lot smarter than just displaying a static list of widgets and apps. Mozilla is bringing its launcher to Android with the help of EverythingMe, an Israeli ? based launcher brought out of beta on Tuesday.

Mozilla vice president of mobile Andreas Gal said that they are taking the contextual content discovery engine of EverythingMe to provide the best services to users. The Firefox Launcher is aimed to have the same experience as the Firefox operating system.

Highly Customized Home Screen

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Mozilla wants to create a customized home screen by combining the adaptive search of EverythingMe with the Android app of Firefox. The launcher has a prediction bar that guesses the user?s four most frequently used apps based on location, browsing history, and time of day. The launcher will also have smart folders to group apps according to the user?s interests.

The Firefox Launcher automatically creates folders, categorized according to interests such as games, social and news. These folders contain suggested web links and apps, as well. It also has a universal search bar that allows users to look up contacts, web results and app.

Co ? founder of EverythingMe Ami Ben David said that they are anticipating the wants of its users without asking anything and providing the fastest search possible. David demoed the launcher at the InContext conference.

No Release Date Yet

Mozilla has not revealed the release date for its new launcher, but promised to share more details once it has finished the launcher?s development and started the beta testing. If you want to gain an idea on the new Mozilla Firefox Launcher, check out EverythingMe in the meantime. This will prepare you for what?s about to come really soon.

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