Mower Minions Will Make You Fall In Love With Minions All Over Again

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If you are going to see The Secret Life of Pets this weekend, then you?re in a special treat that would make you laugh and feel giddy and nostalgic at the same time. Just like in Disney and Pixar?s previous animated movies, The Secret Life of Pets, which is produced by Illumination and Universal, will have an opening short film titled Mower Minions.

At the center of it all is its director Glenn McCoy. Mower Minions is the first animated short film that Glenn has ever written and directed for Illumination and Universal. It features the vertically-challenged yellow creatures that were first seen in Despicable Me.

Laughter and insanity ensue when the Minions decide to start their very own lawn mowing business so that they can buy the product that they saw in an infomercial. In true Minion fashion, the characters they

In his interview with BND Magazine, Glenn said that it took him three to four years to wrap up work for his animated short movie.

?Yeah, I started in 2014 on it. I was at a swim meet with Jack (his son) and Chris Meledandri called.? [Meledandri, in case you?re wondering, is the founder of the Universal?s animation company, Illumination.]

?It was so loud at the meet. I know I talked to Chris for 30 minutes and caught about 70 percent of what he said. I called Laura (Glenn?s wife) and told her, ?I think I was asked to write and direct a short for the studio.??

Glenn, who also served as storyboard artist and gag writer for such hugely popular animated movies as The Lorax, Minions, The Grinch, Despicable Me 1 and 2, and the soon-to-be released Despicable Me 3, added that Mower Minions was originally intended as an add-on to Minions.

?It originally was supposed to be a DVD add-on to ?Minions,? but it tested so well that they called and told me it would be the first theatrical release of a short [for Illumination]. I feel like the opening act for a comedian.?

The storyboard for Mower Minions took a lot of inspiration from everyday mundane things in Glenn?s life. ?The first thing you get down is the story, then you do the storyboard. Then we add and take out jokes. Every day we looked at things: What worked and what didn?t. … You labor over every nuance. Will this get a laugh??

Always pushing for the comical, Glenn particularly likes that one scene where a Minion steps on dog poo. He later puts the poo in a bag, which another Minion accidentally uses when he hyperventilates.

?I?m always going for the funny; keep people laughing. With the dog poop, I was pushing the envelope with that. You take it as far as you can!?

?Glenn says he loves working for Illumination because the studio nurtures a culture of community and a sense of family among its people.

?They?re still like a family; not Disney big. You know everybody by name.?

When a creative (and funny) mind works in that kind of environment, you can expect more hilarious gags, sketches, short films, and movies from him sooner than later.

Catch Mower Minions in The Secret Life of Pets, opening in cinemas this weekend.


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[SOURCE: BND Magazine]


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