Move your curtains and see a beautiful sunrise without leaving your bed

This automatic curtain switcher is a must-have to your smart home

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Nothing beats the feeling of waking up to a scenic view by your window. The same is true when you want to shed some natural light in your living room by day. However, it’s not always that you’re on the element to get off your bed or seat to open the window curtains. So, let me share something to help you with these.

I bet you’ve never seen this before. Say hi to SwitchBot, your new curtain manager!

The SwitchBot Curtain is something you don’t frequently see in any tech-infused market. But this brand is so innovative that even making a robot that fixes curtains is possible. Using this device, you will no longer have to leave your bed and slide the curtains or tie them to the side. Now you know fixing your curtains can be this convenient.

How does it work?

SwitchBot holds to your curtain rails in between the last two curtain rings you have. That means it gets the sole control of your curtains from the sides. Anything you want to do with your curtains is available through a handy remote or your smartphone. Plus, it only takes less than a minute to install, like changing a lightbulb.

What other features does it have?
  • Sunlight sensor
  • Scene control
  • Voice control
  • Timer control

Does it consume too much power?

No! SwitchBot does not and will never cost you any amount of electricity. This device is solar energy-powered, so there’s no need to plug anything. Thus, you get to save while serving your self convenience through this device.

$169.00 $178.00

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