Motorola Releases Moto Mods Developer Kit; Price And Where To Buy Them

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Moto Mods Developer Kit

Motorola just introduced its newest addition to the Moto Z family. It is targeted to cater for would-be tech makers. The Moto Mods Developer Kit allows ?modders? and gadget designers to implement their ideas onto a mobile platform.

Nowadays, it seems like putting one?s best tech idea on the internet is the next best thing in business. With the advent of internet-of-things and sudden boom of crowdfunding, this has become a lot easier.

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Even easier is prototyping one?s products with the introduction of Motorola?s Moto Mods Developer Kit. This kit includes all the necessary hardware to get one started on designing accessories and devices based on the Moto Z.

With the developer kit, designers can build any of their design ideas directly onto the kit, upload the firmware, and test the prototype in real-time.

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Moto Mods Developer Kits Personality Cards

To facilitate the early stages of the learning curve, Motorola also introduced a series of sample projects called Personality Cards. Right now, there are four kinds of Personality Cards available. There is the Audio Personality Cards which demonstrates ease of audio interface. The Display Personality Card shows how to implement display and backlight support for the Moto Mods. The Battery Personality Card gives additional battery power to the Moto Mods as well as showing how to extend the life of the phone. Lastly, the Sensors Personality Card gives users the ability to attach any type of sensor to the Moto Mods.

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The Moto Mods Developer Kit comes with the base module that connects to the Moto Z phone. It also comes with a perforated printed circuit board that can be used to build the design. The board is interfaced directly on the Moto Mods through its rear 80-pin connector.

In addition to the base mod kit, users can also buy the Personality Cards as well as a RaspberryPi HAT adaptor. The HAT adaptor enables designers to use existing HATs or modules for the RaspberryPi directly onto the Moto Mods.

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The Moto Mods Developer Kit costs $125. Other peripherals, like the Personality Cards, can range from $40 to $80. In order to use the developer kit, designers would need to own a Moto Z phone. They would also need a computer with the latest Moto Mods Software Developer Kit and Android Studio.

Those who are interested in buying the Moto Mods Developer Kit can head to Motorola?s developer website.

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