Motorola Plans to Make a $50 Smartphone for Developing Countries

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Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside unveils the company?s push to create an entry ? level smartphone cheaper than the $179 Moto G. The company has also revealed a big part of their direction to compete in the smartphone arena.

$179 is Still a Lot of Money for Most

Woodside said that the company plans to push on creating a cheap smartphone, which would cater to the needs of the less ? unfortunate since $179 is still a lot of money for most. He sees a big market that would purchase smartphones priced lower than $179.

Motorola proved that they can redefine the image of smartphones by creating a good mobile device in the form of the Moto G. The company believes that they can still deliver a quality smartphone under $200.

Entry ? Level Smartphones for Developing Countries

The mobile phone company seems to be focusing on creating entry ? level smartphones to cater to developing countries. This is also similar to what Samsung did with a $75 Galaxy Pocket.

There is not much information released on this upcoming affordable smartphone, but Motorola might have the same approach as what it did with the Moto G model. The release of this smartphone will definitely bring a huge improvement on the entry ? level market.

Motorola Not Disregarding Higher End Device?

Woodside said that the company also has plans to introduce higher end smartphones with more advanced customization options than the Moto X?s natural wood finishes and shell colors.

The Motorola CEO is specifically referring to giving customers screen size options and functionality customization. However, Woodside did not give further details on this customization feature, whether he is referring to the phone?s internals or other parts.

Project Ara

Some people think ?that the company could be referring to the Project Ara. It is a modular smartphone project that creates a puzzle ? like impression where users can piece together device components as they would like. The project?s goal is to allow smartphone users to upgrade their devices without ditching the whole thing.

Motorola?s plan for its smartphones does not entail focusing on just the affordable entry ? level devices. The company also wants to push more on the customization features of their higher end models.

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