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Moto X Pure Edition Release Date & Price: New Features Include Improved Battery Life And Performance, Pre-order Now Ongoing!

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The new Moto X Pure Edition may be inclined to become the new Android top seller we’ve been looking for. If you want to experience Android “the way Google intended,” then this smartphone is just for you. This flagship phone from Motorola may surprisingly be the most customizable device you can buy because of their innovative Moto Maker, shared by Gizmodo.

Moto Maker

The web app from Motorola can assist you in changing the material, texture, and color of the smartphone before you even buy it. The range of combinations you can create is numerous, and depending on your taste, “the Moto X can be anything from eye-popping to subdued,” according to Gizmodo.


The Moto X Pure Edition will sport a 5.7-inch screen, incredibly manageable despite the feeling of having a big phone. It will also have a front-facing LED flash for selfie addicts who are looking for additional lighting to their faces. More than that, they have installed aluminum along the edge, which makes a clear and sophisticated look, shared by Gizmodo.


The device also comes with the latest Android Lollipop software and a number of Moto apps designed for convenience. Some of the apps include the ‘Moto Display,’ the ‘Moto Voice,’ and the ‘Moto Assist.’ The ‘Moto Display’ is a very helpful app because it “lets you preview incoming notifications on your lockscreen,” so you have no need to unlock the handset. The ‘Moto Voice’ on the other lets you create a phrase that the app is always listening for so you can automatically issue voice commands even if the phone is asleep. Last but not the least, ‘Moto Assist,’ according to Gizmodo, “designate ‘places’ like home and work or ‘events’ like driving a car, sleeping, or being in a meeting and ‘Moto Assist’ will intelligently silence your phone, read text messages aloud when you’re driving, even automatically reply to your calls.”

But at the end of the day, what you really need to know about the Moto X Pure Edition is it’s worth $400. Compared to other top of the line smartphones with a 5.7-inch screen, the Moto X will probably be the cheapest. So there’s no need to buy expensive Android devices when you can choose Moto X Pure Edition.

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