Moto X Hack: How To Bypass Tethering Entitlement Check

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Wondering how to share your Moto X data connection via hotspot without paying extra? Try this mod from an XDA developer. (Image courtesy of Motorola)

If you own a Moto X phone and you?re tired of not being able to share your Internet connections (which you paid for, in the first place) to your other devices, then you better take a look at this cool trick.

HotSpot or Tethering Entitlement Check

Before discussing a way to bypass the Tethering Entitlement Check, let?s first tackle what it is all about. This feature, or should we say restriction, is a method for carriers like Verizon, AT&T and others to prevent you from sharing your phone?s data connection with other devices like tablets or another smartphone. They usually come in the form of a pre-installed application. You can?t tether your device?s Internet to another unless you pay a separate fee to your telephone company.

If you ask us, these Entitlement Checks make no sense at all. To begin with, the Moto X, like many other modern smartphones, already has a native option for sharing a data connection via a Wi-Fi hotspot or tethering. Second, carriers already set a mobile data limit to our monthly plans so there?s really no need for them to prevent us from sharing it. If we exceed that data cap, we will also pay an extra charge, so what?s the harm?

How to bypass carriers? Tethering Entitlement Check apps

Thankfully, a crafty XDA Senior Member devised a mod that will allow Moto X users to bypass these annoying Tethering Entitlement Check apps. The dev noted that this workaround only works on the Moto X XT1060 variant. It involves tweaking your device?s build.prop file and adding this code: ?net.tethering.noprovisioning=true.? Moreover, if your handset has a ?dun_required? property, you have to set the ?ro.mot.tether_dun_required? line from 1 to 0. See the full instructions given by the dev in this forum thread.

Easier way – Install a root application

Meanwhile, if you?re not keen on altering your Moto X?s build.prop file, there?s another way. This time, you phone should be rooted first and after that you?ll need to install an application that is also made by the same developer. You may download the latest version of the app form here. See how the app?s interface looks like below.

Interface of a root app for bypassing Tethering Entitlement Check (Image courtesy of XDA Developers)

Interface of a root app for bypassing Tethering Entitlement Check (Image courtesy of XDA Developers)



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