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Moto G Top 5 Best Custom ROMs Running Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS

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Moto G owners can install custom ROMs running Android 4.4.2 KitKat once it is rooted. However, there are so many choices to choose from and you probably do not know which suits best for Moto G. Here are the top five most custom ROM brands designed for Moto G.

Source: Motorola

Source: Motorola

Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android or Pandroid features vanilla user interface closely similar to Nexus devices. HALO effect is the most popular feature from Pandroid and it features circle floating notification panel that display assigned apps such as Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, Pandroid ROM sports good device performance, full ART support for compatible apps, built-in CPU governor and long-lasting battery life.

CyanogenMod 11

It is best and most common custom ROM brand for every Android device. CyanogenMod is not only great with customisable themes, CPU governor, audio enhancers and bloatware free but also with broadcasts regular updates to bring new features on your device. CyanogenMod appears mostly on other custom ROMs as if it is the father of all customised firmware.


Under the Slim ROM edition, SlimKat supersedes SlimBean or the Android Jelly Bean custom firmware version. Like SlimBean, SlimKat focuses on various customisations from system to apps and notifications. Unlike with other custom ROMs, SlimKat offers darker theme and user interface using Real Dark Interface. Users can also take advantage on the built-in Slim Centre that regularly push updates on the current firmware installed on your device.

Carbon ROM

For Moto G, Carbon ROM is the fastest and most stable custom Rom available right now. Carbon ROM is a firmware type designed for those who wants a more expanded customisation features and tweaking controls to make the device look better and performs unbelievably fast compared to the stock ROM. Carbon is a compiled version of CyanogenMod, Slim ROM and AOKP source codes.

Infusion ROM

If you want something very technical and yet customisable in almost every way, take Infusion ROM. It features two settings for tweaking the system and adjusting performance. Xposed Framework app allows owners to modify the user interface in almost every aspect to create more unique looks. Other apps included are Gravity Box, Zipaligned, BusyBox and more for tweaking performance and managing apps.

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