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Moto G (2017), Moto Z (2017), Moto X (2017), Moto (2017) and Other Motorola Handsets Details Leaked on Internet

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List of upcoming Moto handsets

A list of upcoming Moto handsets has been leaked on the internet. The company is planning to release a total six handsets.

Recently, it was reported that Motorola?s mother organisation, Lenovo, will continue to launch new devices with the Moto moniker. However, latest reports claim that out of upcoming six smartphone, some of devices could be launched with the Lenovo logo and original design manufacturer (ODM) logo.

Here is the complete list of Lenovo smartphones to be released in 2017

Although the leak has not revealed the lineup according to their release date, the model numbers have been revealed.

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Moto Z

According to PhoneArena, the next iteration of Moto Z will be launched solely with the Motorola logo. However, the Lenovo logo is likely to appear on the box or on the device.

Moto X and Moto M

Moto X will be launched ?and is expected to roll-out with Lenovo logo embedded on the box of the device. However, it is possible that the device could have the Lenovo branding as well.

Moto X 2017

Moto G

If rumors are to be believed, the upcoming fourth-gen Moto G would carry both Motorola and Lenovo branding on it.

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Moto E and Moto C

Reports claim that Both Moto E and Moto C will be launched with Lenovo and ODM logo.

Meanwhile, the company has recently launched Moto M that carries the Lenovo logo on the box. The device has the Motorola batwings logo embedded on the lower end of the back of the device. The Moto branding is also present on the front lower end of the latest handset.

Moto E3 Power (Credit: Playfuldroid)

Moto E3 Power (Credit: Playfuldroid)

This clearly means that those reports that Lenovo will not use its own logo on handset were nothing more than rumors. Moreover, Lenovo itself has not commented on anything so far. Readers are advised to to take this information with a grain of salt.

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