Moto 360 Smartwatches can Win Against Google Glass

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Pebble and Sony unveiled their smartwatches just a few years ago but with very limited functionality, technical specs and battery life. The Project Glass became a revolutionary technology when it was announced in 2012. Google Glass enabled people to gain information in the corner of their eye, including access to the Web on voice command. With the newest Moto 360 Smartwatch popping on the scene, people cannot help but ignite a rivalry between this product and the Glass. However, the newcomer could have a chance at winning against the latter.

The Issues with Google Glass


One of the biggest issues when using the Glass is its battery life. The gadget gets too much power when running most applications. On a regular usage, it can last 6 to 8 hours. Other applications such as the World Lens require a lot of power, which means taking a video could deplete the Glass?s battery life in just 30 minutes.

Most companies do not allow the use of Google Glass for fear that sensitive information would leak. Wearing a computer on your face has not yet been accepted completely by society. After the news on NSA?s questionable surveillance, people are now overly protective of their privacy. This problem has surely affected the use of wearables such as the Glass. Until the issue has been solved, wearing the gadget on your face could get you into trouble.

Moto 360?s Winning Offers

The best winning factor that the Moto 360 offers is that people will not look suspicious by wearing this watch than a face ? mounted Glass. Battery life is expected to be better than Google Glass and a possible wireless Qi charging feature could make charging easier. Most apps can be run on a number of devices, including Motorola?s new wearable tech gadget. This will make the Moto 360 more flexible than Glass.

Another reason to love the Moto 360 is its fashionable appeal and will attract most men who love watches. It is not just a wearable computer, but also an accessory that can suit your fashion ensemble. The design of this wearable will also place the wearer in a safer situation. If you wear the Google Glass outside, you could be mugged for it.

Lastly, not all people could spend $1,500 on a prototype. We cannot expect Glass to dip below $800 soon, but the Moto 360 has plenty of exciting features to present for only $500. The competition is getting tighter by the minute, but it is still up to the consumers to pick the best gadget for their lifestyle.

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