Most Relaxing Games for PS4: Find Your Inner Peace With These Titles

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most relaxing games for ps4
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Believe it or not, video games need not be fast-paced and action-packed to be fun and interesting. In fact, some titles can even be a form of relaxation. With that said, here are some of the most relaxing games for PS4 in particular, because not all console games are all about deep strategy and button-mashing.

Relaxing Games for PS4


Journey may very well be one of the few titles to show the cinematic capabilities of video games. As per its name, Journey isn’t so much about the destination, but the adventure one experiences to reach the resolution. Gameplay involves sliding down sand dunes in a vast desert, as well as gliding through the air to get from point A to B. One interesting feature of Journey is its anonymous co-op approach. The game will match you with other players online, but their PlayStation Network usernames are only revealed upon finishing the game. This gives a sense of camaraderie, especially as the game’s expanse can make solitude all the more evident when exploring.


Abzu being included in this list may not come as much of a surprise. After all, its beautiful design alone is worth giving it a try. Its art style is comparable to Journey, but in contrast, Abzu’s environment takes the underwater route. Whereas Journey is set in the desert, Abzu is set in the ocean. Players take on the role of a diver exploring the underwater whose main objective is to restore life to the vast ocean. Seeing as Abzu’s creator previously worked on Journey, the comparisons are inevitable. Regardless, Abzu still has a charm of its own, and it makes for some relaxing times in gaming.


Yet another game with charming aesthetics, RiMe is arguably one of the most relaxing games for PS4 simply for its environment. While gameplay primarily involves solving puzzles, players are not actually time-pressured in the game. As such, they are given the freedom to explore RiMe’s beautiful island to their heart’s content.


Another popular title brought to you by thatgamecompany — a.k.a. the creators of JourneyFlower involves bringing plants back to life. The objective may seem odd, but Flower’s simple mechanics feel almost meditative in nature. Like Journey, Flower was originally released on the PS3. However, thanks to its availability on the PS4, the game’s graphics are improved on, thus making for an even better gaming experience. With its calming music and fluid gameplay, Flower ultimately brings a sense of peace in the otherwise chaotic world of real life.

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