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Mortal Kombat XL, Kombat Pack 2: Now Porting to PC, Free Open Beta Testing Now Available

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Mortal Kombat XL free OBT now available, ready for some more?

After some time of teasing, Mortal Kombat XL and its Kombat Pack 2 is now available for purchase on the PC Platform. It was once released only for Xbox One and PS4. It also features a free MKXL Enhanced Beta that starts as of now, until BST/10am PT on Monday, Aug. 29th

Earlier this week, Ed Boon, the co-creator of the game started a poll that asked the players if they?d wish to see Mortal Kombat XL on PC. Boon stated that players must really want a PC MKXL and other character?s buffs/love. Over 10,000 players voted for the game.

Boon also released an image of a motherboard on one of his tweets. Alongside a hint-like message that was easily figured out by a lot of Mortal Kombat XL fans. Boon tweeted again just a few hours ago, announcing the official Mortal Kombat XL for PC.

Kombat Pack one contains: Tanya, Tremor, Predator, Jason Vorhees and other new characters and skins. Kombat Pack two contains: Triborg, Leatherface, Alien Xenomorph and the revival of the fallen Bo?Rai?Cho.

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However, there is no official statement of when will the Mortal Kombat and Kombat Pack 2 be officially available for PC. Mortal Kombat X was released more than a year ago and it was a big bad Port.

PC gamers claimed that their own version of the game is broken and inferior compared to the consoles. Warner Bros. has released more than one broken port to the PC and it?s very alarming. PC gamers criticized NetherRealm and Warner Bros. for their lack of support.

On the other hand, NetherRealm has began testing their new networking code earlier this week. It will be used for Mortal Kombat X?s online feature, it basically reduces the lag. However, the said networking update will be only available to consoles, AGAIN.

NetherRealms stated a year ago, that they will release an update that will fix Mortal Kombat X on PC. After PC gamers received a big buggy game. NetherRealms claimed that the said patch will offer huge performance improvements and online performance for PC.

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