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Mortal Kombat X: A Whole Lot of Slice ‘n Dice action

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If players want a grand old time slicing and dicing up their enemies while engaging in good, old fashioned trash-talking, they should play the Mortal Kombat series?specifically, Mortal Kombat X.

It should be good news to fans of the bloody fighting game that it?s managed to crawl and hack its way up to the top spot once again. According to this report from Twinfinite, Mortal Kombat X managed to regain lost ground and climbed its way to the top of the UK game rankings. That means more nights of killing fun.

Speaking of killing fun, the newest character to ever arrive in Mortal Kombat X feels like he is truly at home in the game. This report coming from Christian Today says that a familiar hockey mask-covered fiend will be battling the unearthly warriors of Mortal Kombat. This guy has a preference for hacking his enemies with a familiar ?machete?.

Mortal Kombat X on Top again

Mortal Kombat X finds itself in familiar territory, according to this Twinfinite report. In the UK, Mortal Kombat climbs up back on top. It?s impressive to note that this is despite the troubles it is facing, including a 64% drop in sales.

The other games that follows it are Grand Theft Auto V, Battlefield Hardline, Minecraft: PlayStation Edition and FIFA 15. Minecraft and FIFA 15 are upstarts; FIFA managed to hold on to the fifth spot, while Minecraft managed to climb from being number 9 some weeks prior.

Bringing Crystal Lake to Mortal Kombat X

Guest characters are what make a video game fun, and Mortal Kombat X is no different.

According to Christian Today, the killer of Crystal Lake, Jason Voorhees, is making an appearance at the game, aside from other characters. It?s interesting to see who would be able to take him out. However, this isn?t his first appearance in a video game; It is his first appearance in a fighting game, with Mortal Kombat X having the distinct honor of being the first to play host.

He is coming along in DLCs exclusive to the game, and apart from him, other characters (including another movie character, the Predator) will be arriving in the game.

Mortal Kombat X?s rise to the Top

How would long-time players react to the inclusion of Voorhees in the line-up? No doubt, players would want to see the kinds of ?fatality??final moves done by the characters of the game?Jason has in his arsenal. This would only contribute to Mortal Kombat?s stay on top of the gaming list of most players.


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