Mortal Kombat Creator Teases with Their Upcoming Announcement on June 2

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Mortal Kombat 9
Mortal Kombat 9

A recent tweet from Ed Boon sparked some online debate and possible rumors about the next Mortal Kombat game. Mortal Kombat has been very well known for having loads of secrets hidden, and Boon likes to tease his fans by doing the same thing in real life. From all the secret characters he included in the previous titles from the series, from Ermac, a purple ninja called Rain?(lol), ?to Noob Saibot, who happens to be Tobias and Boon spelled backwards (the creators of the game).

It?s pretty normal that fans of the series would go crazy over Boon?s tweets this month. He started with a few little teasing computations like ?square root of 841?, then follows up with a tweet asking how many days are there in February. The answers to those are 29 and 28, respectively. It is as if Boon is doing a countdown on something.

One of the latest tweets he posted caused a lot of swirl online, because it hinted something about Mortal Kombat.

Ed Boon: Hmmm... I wonder what the X stands for ?

Ed Boon: Hmmm… I wonder what the X stands for ?

There?s an obvious answer right here. MK stands for Mortal Kombat and ?X? is the Roman numeral symbol for ?10?. There?s? a really high chance that they are going to announce the 10th Mortal Kombat game in the franchise, following the very successful reboot of Mortal Kombat in its 9th game.

However, a 10th Mortal Kombat game is not the only possible answer to this hint, especially for fans who know that Boon is all about secrets and mystery. It could be yet, another cross over from a different franchise (with the ?X?) . NetherRealm Studio isn?t a new company to take on such projects, as they did Injustice: Gods Among Us with ?Justice? (pun intended)

Ed Boon is not giving away any real answers, though, and just teases the fans around. Somebody even called him ?Super-Troll?, though he corrected the guy and said ?No, That?s MAN of TROLL to you?.

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