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Morphus X300 Alternative To Nintendo Switch To Hit Australia

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Morphus X300

Back when people still didn’t know about the Nintendo Switch, Morphus X300 was already there. And unfortunately, it does look very similar to Nintendo’s upcoming handheld console. However, it doesn’t do what the Nintendo Switch does.

The Morphus X300

While it definitely looks similar to Switch, what X300 does is play Android games instead of Mario Kart. And apparently, it is reportedly coming to Australia some day. For those who are unaware, the X300 is basically a tablet with wireless controllers that can also be detached.

The detachable controllers also have twin analog sticks which make it very similar to Switch. In addition, players can play 3D content without using 3D glasses. According to Gizmodo’s Alex Walker, X300 is actually not that bad to hold.

Morphus X300Quiruben Dela Cruz | The Bitbag

However, he also stated that there was no game to play during the time he got his hands on it. On the positive side, Walker stated that Morphus X300’s controllers detach and reattach nicely. In addition, they’re particularly thin and quite light as well.

As a matter of fact, the X300 has an inbuilt software to remap buttons for games that do not support external controllers. As for the technical specifications, it’s a bit old. It sports an ARM 1.7Ghz Cortex A7 CPU.

It also has 2GB of RAM which is half of what most mobile phones have at the present time. And the resolution was quite lackluster given that it only has 1280×800 IPS screen. On the positive side, the joysticks were very comfortable to play with.

Triggers, which play an important role in controllers, were also amazingly functional. It definitely has its ups and downs, which boils down to the user’s preference on gaming.

Morphus X300 Price

At the present time, the X300 sells for $300 USD at the least on the Aikun website. And apparently, it will eventually make its way to Australia. The company is currently in talks with distributors and partners according to what Walker have gathered during the CES 2017 event.

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