Morpher: Foldable Bicycle Helmets For Easy Carrying

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MorpherMorpher: Foldable Bicycle Helmets For Easy Carrying

A few weeks ago, we featured a bicycle helmet called ? The H?vdinghelmet?, that not only acts like an airbag, but is also invisible and worn as a neck accessory. ( If you missed it, see 10 Great Business Ideas For 2014 ? Part 1: The H?vdinghelmet at: )

One of the advantages of The H?vdinghelmet was that it was easy to carry and encourages cyclists to always bring and wear their protective headgear.

For some however, this type of helmet might be too ?futuristic? for their taste and they require a more traditional type of bicycle helmet.

It’s a good thing that the ?Morpher? is around for bicycle enthusiasts.

The ?Morpher? is your typical bicycle helmet in the way it looks and functions. What makes it different though is that it neatly collapses into an easy to carry equipment that can fit inside a small bag or a laptop case.

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Video: Morpher, The Foldable Helmet That Fits In A Bag (laxmi Bhandari / YouTube)



Just like the people behind ? The H?vdinghelmet ?, the makers of the ?Morpher? wants to encourage cyclists, particularly in urban roads, to always bring and wear a helmet. They realize, through much publicized forums as well as scientific surveys, that many cyclists find bicycle helmets too bulky and cumbersome to bring with them.

Morpher-1Hoping to find a solution to this issue, Jeff Woolf, the creator of the ?Morpher?, spent 2 years in inventing and testing this foldable bicycle helmet. Woolf made it his goal to come up with a helmet that will not only provide the needed protection offered by standard bicycle helmets, but to find a way to make it collapse and easy to carry around.

Woolf, a resident of the UK, reveals that based on statistical data, 92% of those who rent bicycles in London do not wear a helmet despite most of them (84%) believing that they are in grave danger by doing so. Of those surveyed, 83% said that the reason they do not wear helmets is that it was too inconvenient to carry because of its bulky form. Woolf also has a more personal reason for inventing the Morpher. He himself was involved in a bicycle crash in the past…… and although he did not elaborate, this writer assumes that he was not wearing a helmet. The Morpher is available commercially at US$79.00 while the start-up is in its crowd funding stages.


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