More Than 50 Unity Games To Be Made For Wii U

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Wii U Unity Support

Wii U Unity Support

If you?ve been hearing words about Wii U being pulled out of the market in a few months, that might be something which is not going to happen anytime soon. Not even with Nintendo?s plan to quietly kill it is contradicting ?what is happening right now. As with the announcements of first-party titles, Nintendo had also announced that there is a whopping 50 or more Unity powered titles that will come to the Wii U.

This is a definitely a good news for Nintendo fans and owners of Wii U. Unity Game Engine is gaining more popularity with more recent platforms and it?s a good thing that it will be a part that will keep our beloved Wii U stick around some more.

In the previous Game Conference, where Nintendo was around, they showed that it also has another 17 titles that will be released for the following two months. ?And then we have fifty that that are waiting in the wings? Damon Baker, Senior Manager of Marketing of Nintendo America Licensing department told Siliconera. ?So we got a lot of Unity content on the way?.

Anybody might ask why there?s? a large number of Unity-based game going to Nintendo. The reason for that is the deal made between Nintendo and Unity Technologies last 2012. Simply put, Nintendo was given the right to let their in-house, external and third party developers get a hold of the Unity development platform kit.

Nintendo highlighted Unity as one of the ?most popular? game development tools around because of how it is easy to use and to how much extent it can materialize ideas for games.

In the event, Baker also said that they are ?looking at? adding Unity support to the 3DS as well and he?s pretty sure that many developers will take advantage of it. No official announcement was made about it happening however.

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